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What to Expect When You Pawn


For something that tends to get a bad rap, most people actually have no idea how pawning works. And that’s understandable. With traditional pawnshops, it’s admittedly intimidating to have to walk up to a side store, bringing in something that you value, to then have it looked over by a total stranger while you wait anxiously is a price that’s going to meet whatever need has you pawning to begin with. All that, mind, in the often blistering heat that is our country’s day to day. It’s a hassle, when you think about it.

Taking it online, PawnHero aims to mitigate many of those stressors to provide a smooth and easy pawning experience. To help you on you way to an easy quick cash process, we tackle today all the things that you can expect when you pawn with us.

Expect Convenience

Obviously, having everything done on a website means you cut out nearly all of those hassles we just talked about. That’s right, with PawnHero, you can expect to be able to raise some quick cash without ever leaving your home. You don’t even have to change out of you comfy shirt and shorts. Or duster if you’re so inclined. The first steps from describing your item to setting an asking price and then waiting for an initial estimate can be done in mere minutes. When you like that estimate, you arrange for us to pick up the item from your home.

That takes a day or two, but then your item is taken to our appraisers who’ll give it a proper look over. You soon get a final offer. If you like that offer, we deposit the amount in your bank account or into a PawnHero Card you can use to withdraw it from any ATM across the country. A few days is all it takes and you didn’t have to spend on the commute or brave the shifting weather conditions out there. And that’s not even talking about our PawnHero app. Download that and things become even easier because you’ll only need your smartphone to do all those steps we talked about. Think pawning while chilling on your couch!

Expect Security

The other great thing about pawning from home is that you don’t have to bring your item out there… where the risk of some bloke nipping your prized item is depressingly high. And that’s one of the reasons the traditional model can bring a lot of tension because you necessarily have to expose yourself to the risk when you pawn! When we pick up your item at your place, you can be sure that your item is absolutely safe. For one thing, our courier, 2GO, has many years of reliable experience. For another thing, your item is fully covered by insurance. Even when we keep your item for the duration of your loan, it’s at a secure facility that’s protected by security cameras and all the latest in security technology. Also, since the cash is deposited into a account, you’re not lugging it around with you after you pawn and can get it at your leisure and at your safety.

Expect a Good Deal

Another very beneficial offshoot of the online model is the lack of physical store with all the costs that come with it. That means no spending on utilities, no store employees to pay salaries to, no maintenance or real taxes to pay for. That’s a lot of savings for us. And we pass this on to you. With PawnHero, you can expect a fairer appraisal on you item and not the kind that makes you go: “Oh come on, it’s worth more than that!” We can also afford to lower the interest rate to a more comfortable 2.99% that isn’t heavy on your pocket. There aren’t any hidden costs to worry about, either. So altogether, you have a manageable loan that you can easily expect to pay back, provided you carefully plan your expenses.

And, again, the whole process is free, so it’s worth giving a try. With all these coming together, you have a viable option when you need cash for emergencies or even the odd want or two. Just click on over to our webpage or download the app and you’re good to go!

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