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Top Pinoy Christmas Feels That You Can’t Miss For The World


The  best thing about loving the holidays in the Philippines besides being the longest holiday season in the world, it’s the people, their traditions and just being at home in general. It’s everything that a Pinoy would love to have during the holidays.
So, as the remaining days of 2016 draws to a festive approach, here are the top Pinoy Christmas feels that you would not miss for the world. After all, there’s no place like home.

1) Being with Family  “One, two, three, smile!”

Pinoys have a family-oriented culture. And during the holidays, it sometimes feel like the whole family tree is here as this season oftentimes become a grand reunion of families. Plus, let’s just agree that it’s one of the best feelings there is: the love of a family. Heart, heart.

2) The 13th Month Pay “May sahod na ba?”  (Is it payday already?)

Bless the persons behind this law, because it feels like we have a paycheck bonus! As decreed by our constitution, the 13th month pay law states that all rank and file employees regardless of their designation or employment status who have worked at least one month during the calendar year are entitled to a 13th month pay. The 13th month pay shall be in the amount not less than 1/12 of the total basic salary earned by the employee within the calendar day. So, no one is excused from the law. 13 is def not an unlucky number!

3) Simbang Gabi Gising na!”  (Get up!)

Starts on the 16th of December, the simbang gabi is one of the traditions that should not be missed. A favorite Pinoy superstition is to pray a wish upon completing your nine days of evening or dawn mass. Interesting.

4) The Holiday Rush “Traffic!”

Perhaps this has become a Pinoy thing as well. Maybe, the reason we get to experience a holiday rush is because of our Filipino time attitude? Well, that’s a yuletide adrenaline rush we get to experience: crowded malls, bulk buying, and that dreaded traffic, better be late than never. Welcome back home.

5) Reunions Usap na lang sa group chat!”  (Let’s just discuss it over group chat!)

While everyone’s back in town, expect old friends to get along together. You might find it cute as well to see your grandparents meeting up with their decades-old surviving barkada, or find it funny to see your parents reminiscing their prime (youth) with their old friends, and you bumping into an old batchmate and shouting gleefully: “Hoy, pareunion ka! (Hey, host a reunion party!).” Sighs.

6) Early decorations and the parola   Isabit na ang parola!” (Hang that Christmas parol!)

The parol, a symbol of the Pinoy Christmas. This is one that identifies our culture from the rest. If you see one hanging on a door in a suburban community abroad, you would know a Filipino lives there.

7) Holiday Sales “Tara, shopping!” (Let’s go shopping!!)

Sales, almost everyone loves a sale. The chance to buy items on a discount without compromising its quality. Sales is the pocket-friendly paradise for our moms (or both parents) as well. But, if you really want to experience a hassle-free sale on branded items all year round, why check out Marketplace.ph by PawnHero. It’s an online shop where you find preloved authentic items on bargain prices. It’s deals, great finds and cool preloved authentic stuffs.

8) Christmas Programs. “Nagsimula na ba?” (Did it start already?)

We all have this at school, sometimes on our offices and often times at our reunions. Programs, from doxology to intermission numbers to speeches to closing remarks to the prayer before the feast, ah yes, we all know the flow. Nothing surprising but it’s still fun tho.

9) Caroling “Mangaroling tayo!” (Let’s start caroling!)

The sounds of tanzans (bottle caps) made into a …empty cans as drums, and sometimes the cheerful tone-deaf choir of a group of people, both young and old. Well, caroling is still worth the entertainment as long as they spread joy and laughter.

10) Kris Kringle Sinong nabunot mo?” (Who did you pick?)

It’s supposed to be a secret, but being very Pinoy, we just can’t keep a secret. The old-age question: Who did you pick?has often been a goal to find out. Being very impatient there.

11) Christmas Hugots “E di kayo na!” (Fine, you already!)

Wherever that “Samahan ng malalamig ang Pasko (Group of a cold and blue Christmas) or SMP” originated, we don’t know. But sometimes, Pinoys are very emotionally inspired, and the cold December air gets a tug of feels from single or broken hearted Pinoys out there. Stop making December a blue holiday!

12) Wearing New Clothes “Ito magandang isuot.” (This is a nice outfit!)

Of course with reunions, parties and programs to attend to, dressing yourself to success (let’s not say impress) has been a mantra. Well, who can we blame anyway, it’s not everyday you get to wear your best.

13) Christmas Gatecrashers “Uy, may kasama ako.” (Hey, I’m bringing someone with me.)

C’mon, we can’t help that our culture is a hospitable one. With an overflowing feast on every corner on the list of your someone who knows someone, we get gatecrashers along the way. We can’t tell them to leave, after all, it’s the season to share.

14) Noche Buena “Kain na ba?” (It is chow time?)

Quezo de bola, Fruit salad, leche flan, BBQ, grilled fish… name a dish you love and you often than not get some during the holidays. Can’t wait!

15) Christmas Songs “Tara Karaoke!” (Let’s have karaoke!)

Pinoys just love to sing (and sometimes drink on the side, but we’re advocating drink responsibly here!). Yes, it’s one of our merry making activities, a karaoke challenge! This season, we hear concerts on every reunion, and the very infamous score as the end of the karaoke sing along. That’s always a haha in our memories!

16) New 20 peso bills “Pila, pila!” (Fall in line, fall in line!)

Those crisp and fresh out the ATM machines bills that our elders would hand out to kids. Ah yes, one of the highlights of the holidays, asking from our estranged ninongs and ninangs. At Least, kids are taught to handle money at a very young age. Great for them!

17) Pasalubong  “Yung akin?” (Where’s mine?)

Pasalubong is a very Pinoy thing. This means bringing home something for somebody as a gift from having been somewhere else for either a vacation or a long period of time (like work or live abroad). So to speak, as the season approach, so are the balikbayan boxes from our loved ones abroad or the the gifts for us from friends, acquaintances, admirers, relatives and families. Don’t forget to say thank you with a hug. It’s worth the price.

18) Our respective church celebrations.

Why would we forget? Being the largest Catholic nation in Asia, Christmas is a special meaning in a Pinoy’s heart. Whatever the religion as long as the reason to celebrate the season is our faith with Him, then it’s a peaceful and loving time of the year.
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See you on the holidays!

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