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The 7 Types of Shoppers That You Meet While Shopping


We used to build civilizations. Now we build shopping malls.”

-Bill Bryson

Indeed Bill! Indeed! In the Philippines, shopping malls are so big, they can be a city within a city. Different types of businesses and services, from food to retail are available for customers to check.
And living in a capitalist country, where shopping is one of a typical Pinoy’s common hangouts, there are different personalities for shoppers that one always encounter while shopping, making malls a bustling shopping metropolis. Check their profiles below and classify which type of shopper do you fall into? 
Exhibit A: The  big-spender
The big spenders of the shopping-dome  are the brand conscious shoppers.These type of shoppers don’t mind investing on the most luxurious retail. They are the target market of designer clothing, bags, shoes and make-ups. Shoppers want to be them and salespeople want to be with them. It’s the perky glitz and glamour of what money can shop. Well, Blair Waldorf was right, “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop.”

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Exhibit B: The conservative buyer
A man on a mission is what you can observe from these type of shoppers. The personality of these shoppers are straightforward. They don’t go around the bush, they have only one goal on their mind, it’s to buy what they have been planning to buy for a long time. They really stick to their plans and aren’t distracted by other offers that come along their way.
You know where to stand in this category if you have that buy and go motto.
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Exhibit C: The Smartshopper
The most serious consumer of them all. A smart shopper is not the common type. They are one of a kind because these type of shoppers have explored much of the shopping destinations, they know more than you can imagine which include product knowledge, quality standards, and many more. Don’t feel intimidated, these shoppers are more than willing to partake the wisdom they earned. You can consider them a sage on the shopping world.  If you can come across one, you’re in luck. 
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Exhibit D: The Window Shopper
There’s so much to learn for these group of shoppers. The window shopper, the most common type of shopper, usually cruises around. They don’t always leave with a shopping bag, but leave with big big plans to get back to shop. Unlike the smart shopper, these window shoppers are explorers who have the tendency to caught an impulsive buying syndrome. Imagine all that pent-up desires to buy what they want. If they only have cash, they’ll definitely go on a shopping spree.
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Exhibit E: The seasonal bagger
These seasonal chasers are always on the hunt for sales and discounts. They know the calendar of activities of the shopping stores. But don’t mistake them for smart shoppers, because sales are an attractive signs for them. All that’s ringing on their mind is that when it’s 50% off, they smell the best deals. 
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Exhibit F: The shopaholic

The most favorite shopper on shopping stores among the bunch is a shopaholic. They are an extreme breed of shoppers. They don’t have regard for budget management, care less for financial goals and have a low tolerance for impulse buying. They go to seasoned sales and get their hands on luxurious items as well. They have the best of both worlds, one can say. They go about around everywhere, from thrift shops to designer boutiques, you name it! It’s no wonder they are an all-time customer favorite.

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Exhibit G: The beneficiary

These shoppers are the extra-baggage. The neophyte shoppers, the youngest ones, they are introduced to the world of shopping. They don’t spend for what they shop, but instead have someone to pay the counter for their items. They could be their parents, siblings, friends, etc. You see them during school opening seasons, Christmas seasons, flocking hand in hand with their guardians. Mind you, they one day could grow into the above-mentioned types of shoppers.

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In this digital age, we got a new race of shopper that businesses cater to, the home-stay shoppers. The home-stay shopper lives in the confines of his/her abode, feeding through online shopping. And if you’re a home-stay shopper or know someone who’s an avid home-stay shopper, well, PAWNHERO by MARKETPLACE is the newest go-to online shopping store to try, where your favorite authentic pre-loved branded items meet bargain prices. For more, visit PawnHero website and like Pawnhero Philippines and Marketplace by PawnHero on Facebook.

So, what type of shopper are you? Feel free to share a comment below.


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