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Six Brilliant D.I.Y. Project Ideas That You Could Do And Sell Over The Holidays


The holiday craze is asking everyone to jump in the bandwagon of planning parties, splurging on sales, and decorating homes. But there shouldn’t be no pressure to spend like most people since you can also take the productive route to earn over your holiday downtime.
Trust us, your creative license doesn’t ask much, because the only manpower you need is YOU! Hello to talents and skills!
Now build a little company by the nook of your room and have a creative factory of a budding entrepreneur with these brilliant DIY project ideas that you guys can spare and maybe start selling over the holidays.
DIY Project Idea 1: Artsy Watercolor bookmark
Love painting? Well, you can get your hands to paint on artsy bookmarks. Bookworms out there have a thing for bookmarks (coming from a self-confessed bookworm). Plus, you don’t have to spend too much for the materials especially if you have them right now. They are basically school supplies on the art department. So, get those brushes and feel inspired with a sample work below.

Image source

Materials: Watercolor, Ribbons, paintbrushes, white card boards, marker
Guesstimate cost: Php 240
DIY Project Idea 2: Handmade Calligraphy Holiday Greeting Cards
“Wow! I love your handwriting.” Seriously, at this age where computers do the whole calligraphy thing for you,not everybody has a pretty handwriting. It does look fascinating to know someone with a penmanship that’s just dope. Also writing gives a sense of personal value. So, if you are into artistic writing, then let those words attract cash with holiday greeting cards.

Image source

Materials: high quality paper, markers, pens, scissors, cutter
Guesstimate cost: Php 290

If you’re a feed goal Instagrammer, you can transform those photos into a calendar for the new year. You can also offer a service to make an IG users’ feed into their personalized table calendar. It will cost a bit much but it’s really something worth spending for. There’s no problem with cost if you have ink, printer and available high quality paper.

Image source

Materials: high quality paper, ink
Guesstimate cost: (for high quality printing) Php 400
DIY Project Idea 4: Geometric Animal Print Shirts
Have you seen those geometric animal tats? Really cool right? Well, if you’re a graphic designer, you’re in luck, because graphic design seems everything these days. Everyone’s pretty visual now. For a DIY project idea, try really give your artistic design talents into the retail industry. Instead of tats or filling out your online portfolio, why not sport those designs and make a statement shirt out of it? 

Image source

Materials: Basically depends on you (You can use a plain shirt, a colored plain shirt, a summer sando, a hoodie), T-shirt printing machine (Well, if you have one great, but there are services out there for t-shirt printing)

Guesstimate cost: (Factors such as the quality of print and the design affects budget)

DIY Project Idea 5: Crafty sewn key chains
Put your sewing skills to a much more creative level and try the idea of creating cute fluffy key chains for bags, I.D. laces and other stuff where you can hang those chains.  You can also reference popular cartoon characters that everybody loves.

Image source

Materials: felt paper or old printed clothing,  yarns, thread, buttons, cotton
Guesstimate cost: Php 250
DIY Project Idea 6: Holiday Flower Crowns
It’s not spring and def not Coachella, but flower crowns can really be a magical accessory over the holidays especially on occasions such as weddings. The best part about this DIY project, the materials almost cost you nothing. If you have a garden of flowers that would last a week such as Baby’s breath then you can start making your very own flower crown. 

Image source

Materials: band, wire, flowers such as baby’s breath, roses, scissors
Guesstimate cost: Php 0

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