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PH Guide: 10 Ways to Save Space In Your Travel Bag


Whether it’s your clothes, undergarments, shoes, and toiletries, there are ways on packing up for your trip without the hassle of trying to fit it in. Here are 10 ways you can save space and worry less on your travel stuff after it:

10. Lay-out your clothes

Prepare a list. Creating a list for the items you’ll bring along with you on your travel helps you know where and how to put your things safely and in order. Cut down the number of your heavy clothing such as pants and jackets and bring more of lighter ones such as shirts, shorts, and undies.

9. Put in the heaviest items first

Heavier items such as towels, pants, and jackets should be put into your luggage first. This will make your luggage more stable and will let you put more of the lighter and flexible items afterwards. You can also wear them on during travel so it wouldn’t eat up a large space in your travel bag.

8. Use creases and gaps for your undies

When everything on your list is already on your bag, you can easily sneak in your undies on the gaps and creases of your folded pieces of clothing. Handkerchief, scarves, and socks can also be packed this way. You can also close the luggage bag to remove extra air and to compress your heavier articles of clothing before putting in the lighter ones.

7. Keep fragile items in the center of the case

Fragile items such as gadgets that are prone to damage can be cushioned by keeping them in between your clothes or keeping them sandwiched in between layers of it. Set aside the batteries or turn off your gadgets to prevent overheating. Stuffing them inside socks or beanies can also act as a buffer when your bag encounters speed bumps along the way.

6. Separate items via Ziplock

What’s more convenient than throwing your knickknacks in one giant can? It’s by using ziplocks to separate your accessories in it. You can mark the ziplocks with your labels on the accessories or you can coordinate them according to price tag markers. You can also store the smaller ziplocks in a bigger ziplock to keep similar items such as keys, shampoos, lotions, loose accessories on their own grouping or use the bigger ziplocks as a slimmer replacement for cans.

5. Turn your items into containers

Your shoes can store your usb cables and earphones. You can use the extra slip on your smartphone’s case as a cardholder and use your binder clip to hold your earphones. These are only some items you’d never expect to neatly keep your stuff in while using it at the same time. Let creativity be your guide.

4. Use empty cases for alternative storage

Commonly used containers such as pill cases and lip balm containers can be used to store your accessories. Empty lotion bottles can store your gadgets without arousing suspicion when you take it out and can act as a cover for your most valuable items. Your sunglass case can also be used to store your usb cables and earphones, too.

3. Travel-size your toiletries

Do you hate the bulkiness of your toothpaste tube? You can buy an empty eye dropper or a similar container to store your toothpaste in it. Your perfumes, shampoos, soaps, and conditioners can be stored in smaller containers as well. Spreading out some plastic wraps over covers prevent liquids from spilling in your bag.

2. Use an organizer

A travel pack or an organizer is the easiest way to save space in your bag. An organizer has specific compartments for your things and can be waterproof or tearproof. Some organizers can be hung on hooks and folded into smaller sizes.  Pick an organizer that fits rights on your needs.

1. Create a digital copy for your items

A digital copy of your items saves you from the paperwork on travelling with the worry your important documents might get lost. Some airlines and hotel bookings will only require a digital copy of your tickets, giving you the convenience of carrying less over your journey. You can also use your digital copy as a back-up of your important files.
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