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Pawnina Tips: How To Start The “New Year, New Me” Right


The old year may be both good and bad for some, but like everyone else, the new year is an opportunity. It is full of possibilities and challenges that should be exciting. And whatever you amassed last year, it’s time to look back, get rid of the old and focus on the “New Year, New Me” mantra.
With a clean slate, and a full year ahead of you, here’s how you can start making everything right:

1) Declutter Your Home.

It starts with  you. And what’s a better place to begin cleansing your spirit than your homes.Your home is your space. It reflects your personality, your life and yourself. If it is a mess, full of unnecessary things that you’ve hoarded from the old year, then it is time to declutter them. Get rid of the negativity, segregate the non-bio from the biodegradable trash, donate old clothes and old books and recycle what you can use. It really feels good to live and breathe in a clean space.

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2) Let Go Of Bitter Memories.

There are two ways you can to do with physical memories. Keep them in an artisan-like box or burn them. Suffice to say, it’s the good memories you can keep, but the bitter ones, don’t hold onto them. Let go and throw them away. Make space for new memories that’s worth keeping. Because there’s nothing like moving on with the new year.

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3) Create and Hang A Vision Board Of Goals.

Here’s an exciting to-do for you. Create a vision board. This vision board makes the law of attraction work for you. And you know how the Law of Attraction works, you attract into your life whatever your focus. A vision board is an effective way to help you clarify, concentrate and maintain strong focus on a specific life goal. It is very simple to do as you use any type of board and make a collage of display images that represent what you want to be, to do and to have in your life.

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4) Invest your time wisely.

 What have you done last year? If you focused on your work so much, did you miss reunions, celebrations and adventures? Were you able to save money from working long hours and shifts? Did you start a new project for yourself? You’re not in school anymore where you have to follow a curriculum, a disciplined approach and a teacher’s assignments. You make your own responsibilities. Have a balance with work and life. Time is a commodity. You should learn to invest time wisely. Start now, there’s no such thing as “it’s too late.” Keep motivated!

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5) Learn A New Skill.

With investing your time wisely, make down time as productive as possible. While accolades, awards and degrees are something you can be proud of, life is not all about that. Learn new skills that you can add value to yourself and which you can contribute to create value. So, enroll yourself in short courses. Learn a new language, or if you’re into the arts, there are calligraphy, musical and photography courses. If you’re into cooking, baking and bartending, then get that limited weekend or evening class. Learning is a life process so make YOLO valuable.

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6) Start A Saving Challenge.

Adulting requires a lot, and while people say that it is best to start young, it’s never too late to start all over again. Saving is a financial challenge that’s a part of growing up. Managing your finances is a stepping stone to become successful. Being financially savvy means knowing how to venture into investments, spend wisely, make a budget, keep an emergency fund, and understand how money works. So, start a saving challenge, and at the end of the year you’ll be surprised how much you saved. If an extra budget is what you need, you can get quick cash loans through an online pawn shop called PawnHero.

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7) Go on an adventure.

Life is an adventure, it is not meant for you to stay in one place and living a boring daily routine. Gain more experience from travelling. Meet strangers, learn from the locals, discover places, satisfy your palate, and live your life. The world is finite but the experience is infinite so go beyond and live well.

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8) Strengthen important relationships.

You can’t please everyone else, so stop and do what you have to do. Value those relationships that matter and don’t waste your time and energy on relationships that just don’t help you grow. Your family is the one relationship that you should always strengthen, because when all else fails, they are always there for you. Keep those true and genuine friends for life and love the person who accepts your flaws and makes the word hurt an alienated feeling in love.

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9) Forgive and forget.

Let no grudge keep you from living a happy life. For all the people who have hurt you, treat them with more kindness. They are here for a reason and if they are meant to make you stronger, then embrace it. Forgive them and learn to forget. You don’t have to live a life to get back, but instead live a life of lessons and keep moving forward. There are people who come and go. So, forgive and forget.

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10) Love Yourself.

The most important thing to start the year right is to always love yourself. When you love yourself, you get rid of all the insecurities, you get rid of all the hate and you let faith, belief, and positivity overcome your life. You will feel confident, you will feel more focused, you will be successful. Always know that you can only be the best version of yourself when you start loving yourself.

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With an outlook as optimistic as the tips above, you can face obstacles confidently and be brave enough to ask for more. Whatever the year brings, do it with perseverance, determination, believe in yourself and with great enthusiasm. Don’t let anything bad take away that flame and sparkle. After all, c’est la vie!
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