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Pawnina Tips: 5 Item Combinations and the Businesses They Can Fund


Hi guys! Pawnina here! From small, home-made businesses to medium enterprises, you will always need some initial cash to start your baby business. If banks aren’t an option for you to get a loan as puhunan, then pawning is definitely a no-brainer! All you need is collateral, and you’ll have your capital in no time. Here are a couple of item combinations that will help you fund that business you’ve always wanted to start:
1. Business: Start an eCommerce/App Business | Pawned Item: E.R. Tagle Painting – Loan Amount: P 140,000
A good business idea will only remain an idea if you don’t act upon it. If you really think your innovation will be the next big eCommerce site or app, then it’s worth loaning the capital for it, and some items that you already own can cover that initial cash flow. When starting something digital, it’s great to invest in a good developer that knows how to translate your idea into digital reality, as well as the know how to do it. Don’t be frugal with that, especially since it’s the blood that pumps and runs your budding business!
2. Business: Franchise a Branded Kiosk | Pawned Item: Apple Macbook or Samsung Smart TV – Loan Amount: P 45,000
If you thought it costs almost half a million Pesos to start a branded kiosk like Waffle Time or Potato Corner, think again! Sometimes, with good negotiation skills, all you need is a down payment and settle on agreed payment terms to get the ball rolling. As long as you have a sound business plan, a good location, and a great personality, you’ll definitely be running your own franchise soon enough!
3. Business: Start a Food Kiosk | Pawned Item: Tudor by Rolex Watch – Loan Amount: P 25,000
If getting a branded kiosk doesn’t turn out to be in your cards, then try starting your own in your neighborhood or barangay. It doesn’t cost much since rent won’t be an issue, plus you get to stay near home to run it. All you have to do is fix a makeshift shop, get some suppliers of things like siomai or barbeque from your local palengke or supermarket, and run start selling. Who knows, you might be able to grow your small little kiosk into its own brand franchise in the near future.
4. Business: Start an Instagram or Facebook Store | Pawned Item: Givenchy Long Wallet – Loan Amount: P 15,000
Social media is always a great platform to start a business – it’s easy and absolutely free. That’s why you can start a e-business on Instagram or Facebook with the money you can get from loaning a branded wallet; all you need to do is take great pictures of the items you want to sell, buy inventory for it, and push your product online! With the right sets of hashtags and a lot of networking, it will soon be easy for you to become one of the biggest social media stores out there.
5. Business: Start a Loading Station | Pawned Item: Nintendo 3DS XL – Loan Amount: P 8,500
With a vast majority of people on prepaid, there is definitely a market to serve with a loading station. “Ang dami-daming loading stations sa kung saan-saan!” you say? Well, in the day and age of the Internet, you wouldn’t believe how fast and how often people need to buy cellphone load to keep them connected. People are also after convenience; if you live in densely populated area, those who live closest to you will flock to your station, rather than walk down the street just to top-up. So yes, a loading station is a great business to go into!
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