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Pawnina Shares: Secret Hacks To Book Star Rated Hotels On A Budget


Hey guys, Pawnina here. Oh, doesn’t it feel great to have book yourself a week-long stay on one of the best hotels on your travel destination especially if you were able to get an amazing deal out of it? Well, you don’t have to wish to be a seasoned traveler to know the secret hacks to book star rated hotels on a budget. As a matter of fact, there are tons of open secret hacks to do so.
If you are planning for a holiday getaway or are still planning to have that well-deserved break and you have not booked any hotel yet, why not try these hacks below for a change? You’ll never know until you try.   

Hack # 1: Be your own booking agent.

Travel agents booking your hotels have a higher price to sell than you booking it yourself. True enough, getting a travel agent to do it for you is convenient on your part, but if you are on a budget, it doesn’t help cut the cost.
How this works?  Hotels and travel agents have a deal. The hotels give a number of rooms depending on their internal agreement, and the travel agency books the price to their standard, because after all tourism is an industry and it is still also business at the end of the day.

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Hack # 2: Early reservations are cheaper than walk-in reservations.

The deal here is that front office staff just don’t greet and meet, they actually sell. They are not just pretty faces, they are graduates trained to the bone to handle queries, problems, check-outs, check-ins, talk to different personalities, review guests’ profiles and giving the utmost quality on customer service. Guys, these people sell!
If you’ve ever heard of a rock rate on a star rated hotel; chances are you are a frequent traveler, you know someone who works for a hotel, you studied hotel management and own one. Rock rates are the highest price the front office staff can sell to the guest on a walk-in reservation, so book online, book early, book now.

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Hack # 3: Negotiate directly if you stay longer.

If you plan to stay more than seven days, you may be able to haggle the price down, but it is best practice to call directly to the hotel concierge and inquire about discounted rates for extended stays. Doing so can give you “off the books” discounts and upgrades especially during the lean months where rooms are aplenty. Oh, you may be asked to pay in advance but that can be discussed depending on a deal.

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Hack # 4: Book Hotels Using Incognito Mode On Your Browser.

The first reaction: “Is it possible?” You may doubt about this life hack but to counter your reaction, “Yes, it works.” Call it computer science magic but hotel booking websites use your browser cookies to see how many times you check on their pricing and these cookies are like little birdies informing the headquarters that you frequently look over their site and gives a signal to raise the price each time you check. This may sound you’re being robbed, but that is a business being smart. So, outsmart them by going incognito.

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Hack # 5: Get hotel rates half the price during off-seasons.

Say, you plan to go on Maldives, their peak season runs from December to April while the rest is considered to be the cheapest months. On off-peak seasons, (usually before and after the peak seasons) hotel rates are drastically cheaper.

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Hack # 6: Check for group rates or special occasion rates.

Group travels or traveling for a special occasion such as , call ahead of time and let the hotel know about your event. Oftentimes, hotels offers special discounts for groups and for those celebrating special occasions. They have packages prepared for such.

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