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Pawnina Shares: How Much Money Can You Make from Pawning Common Household Items?


Hi, Friends!

Ever wondered how much value common stuff inside your house (or your bag) have? That old bronze statue has been lying on top of your table has been there for as long as you can remember, but you might not be aware that it has such high value. I got in touch with certified in-house appraisers from PawnHero, the first online pawnshop in the Philippines, and had some of the items in my bag and in my house appraised. I had fun taking photos of my items and finding out that some pretty common household stuff actually have pretty good value! Here are some of the items I had them appraise for me:

Inside My Bag


1. Authentic, Preloved Christian Dior Bag – 7,000

2. Android Smartphone – 6,000

3. Authentic, Preloved Coach Watch – 3,000

4. Authentic, Preloved Prada Wallet – 10,400

5. Authentic, Preloved Canon EOS 550D – 6,000

6. Authentic, Preloved Ray-Ban Wayfarers – 2.500

Total: PHP 13,000

Well, of course my bag contains other stuff like my makeup kit, an umbrella, and hair ties, and all that, but I rounded up only the items that I know have actual value. As a pawnshop, I know PawnHero accepts only authentic items. For the contents of my bag alone, I discovered I can make up to 13,000 pesos. Sweet!

Inside My Living Room


1. Flat Screen Television: 4,000

2. Bose Speakers – 7,000

3. Mother and Child Pastel Painting– 5,000

4. Bronze Sculpture – 10,000

5. Gadgets – Nintendo Wii – 5,000

6. Blue Noritake set w/ gold – 3000

7. Yellow Antique Vase with Dragon Design – 4,500

8. Ivory Figurines – 10,000

Total: PHP 48, 500

Although I live independently, my Mom came over and took charge of designing my apartment. She has a knack for art, and filled my living room with sculptures, vases, and misshapen tea pots and cups! I have always thought those mismatched items gave my apartment a charming appeal, but it never crossed my mind that they all amounted to 48, 500 pesos!

Inside My Bedroom


1. Authentic LV Damier Neverfull – 8,000

2. Celine Macadam PVC Boston Brown Travel Bag – 3,950

3. 14k Yellow Gold With Pearls  – 6,500

4. Canon Camera – 6,000

5. Emerald Ring – 15,000

6. iPad Mini 2nd Gen – 5,000

7. Laptop – Acer Aspire E1 – 7,000

8. Fireproof Vault – 600

9. Rimowa Luggage – 11,000

Total: PHP 44,600

I am a huge fan of traveling, hence, I own two cameras and plenty of travel bags. As I also do some freelance work during my spare time, I own both a laptop and a tablet. Since PawnHero claims they accept almost everything, I tried getting an estimate for my fireproof vault as well. I’m surprised that it actually has value!

Inside My Basement


1. KTM Toryn World Cup High End Carbon Bike – 8,000

2. Suzuki Smash 115 – 33,000

3. Portable Generator – 8000

4. Golf Equipment – 5,000

5. Tennis Racket – 2,000

6. Electric Chainsaw – 3,000

7. Guitar – 4,000

8. Violin – 3,500

Total:  PHP 66,500

Since my Dad and my Brother know that I live alone, that have made my house a stockroom of sorts (LOL.) I have also tried getting a valuation for my Kuya’s bikes and his musical instruments (he used to be in a band.) True to their claim that they accept JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, I have tried getting an estimate for Dad’s old equipment, too, and guess what? This Weird hodgepodge of things totaled to 66,500 pesos!

Get Your Own Estimate!

Assuming I would pawn all of these items, I’ll be getting a whopping PHP 172,600! And that’s just by pawning items I rarely use. Applying for a loan with PawnHero is easy. The process takes a minute, and your loan can be approved within 24 hours. It’s also a plus that I don’t need to leave the comfort of my home to get my cash. It’s super easy!

Of course, the value of these items may vary depending on the brand, the model, and the condition of the item. But just like me, you can also know the value of your common household items! Just visit PawnHero.ph to receive an estimate! You can also explore their website to know how they work, as well as the items they accept. ‘Til next time!


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