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Pawnina Shares: Chinese Charms To Attract Financial Luck This Year Of The Rooster


Kung Hei Fat Choi! For non-Chinese, we must admit that sometimes we can’t help joining in to celebrate the Chinese New Year. And what makes the Chinese New Year really different is their centuries old traditions and beliefs. A favorite belief is their lucky charms, especially those that attract wealth and luck.
Now, if you really need all the luck in the world to make 2017 a really prosperous year, why not take it from our fellow Chinese, they know luck better than anyone else. Rooted with an understanding that’s as old as their dynasties, we round up 8 (to mark the symbol of infinity and luck) of the Chinese charms that might just bring the financial luck you need this year of the rooster. Check them out below:

1) Chinese red envelopes or Angpao

These Chinese red envelopes, often presented at social and family gatherings as weddings, baptisms, are also very popular during the Lunar New Year. Red has always been a symbol of good luck and is believed to ward off bad spirits. Here are a few takeaways to properly give an angpao. Avoid putting coins in the envelope and always put crisp and new bills inside. You don’t want to give dirty, old wrinkled bills, they are bad luck. If you receive a Chinese red envelope, it is also impolite to open it in front of the person who gave it. So, keep that luck until you go home.

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2) Feng Shui coins

For a never ending source of income, get yourselves these Chinese lucky coins.In the words of feng shui, these coins are believed to bring prosperity, a flow of money or income and good luck. You may hang it inside the doors at home or for business establishments, you may put it in an envelope and place it on or under the table and if you want financial luck with you wherever you go, you can tie it to our wallets or handbags as well.

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3) Crystal Lotus flower

Believed to be one of the most powerful charms for good luck for romance, home and business, the crystal lotus flower is a symbol that emits good chi and an aura of perseverance and determination to overcome any obstacles you face.  If placed in the  Southwest, it provides auspicious luck for home and business. If displayed at the centre of your home or business, it enhances wealth and overall good luck.

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4) Neko Kitty

Meow! This ever popular waving Kitty has been a symbol of good luck in businesses. Their waving paws is meant to grab the attention of passersby to come into a business and it never fails to live up its promise. These lucky cats come in a variety of color, the gold cat attracts wealth, prosperity and good fortune, perfect for those looking for financial luck.

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5) Dragon Tortoise

This mythical Chinese celestial creature imbibes two important qualities for success: ambition and wisdom. Having this charm brings about a stunning career and good business luck especially for competitive environments.  It is believed to help people achieve their ambitions and increase wisdom. With the wealth-bringing power of the dragon and the tenacity of the tortoise, it is considered a protector that’s often found in homes and businesses.

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6) Crystal Clear globes

The crystal clear globe is a symbol of communication, interaction and connectivity.  It is believed to increase intelligence and reach imaginable feats of victories. They help students and businessmen to visualize change, progress and the advancement of one’s ideas and achievements. Always bear in mind to keep the globe shiny and clean so the clarity in communication and the purity of the globe’s chi will transcend. Plus, avoid placing the globe close to the edges or your desk, dresser or shelf or anywhere it could potentially fall or else. You have been warned.

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7) Nature Wind Chimes

The sounds of nature has some tranquil force that brings good luck. The Nature wind chimes are good tools that attract money and friends also promoting harmony and health within the family. To shoo those negative energies away, the ideal places to hang wind chimes to encourage positive energy flow are at the entrances, porches, verandas and under eaves of homes and business space. But be sure this won’t be an obstruction for people coming in and out.

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8) Good luck Bamboo

One of the most popular Chinese charms is the easy care plant, the good luck bamboo, which can survive in any kind of light. This plant is said to attract auspicious energy. Since it is a strong plant, it energizes the space. The luck also depends on the number of stalks bunched together or woven together into an arrangement. So, the more stalks in the plant, the greater the blessing of good fortune and luck. Note that you should never place plants in a bedroom, even if it’s a lucky bamboo. One of the best locations to place a lucky bamboo plant is in the east or south sector of your home or office.

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While we believe in luck through charms and all, it will only work on how we handle things. If we are all determined, persevered, faithful and optimistic, luck will be in our favor.
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