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Pawnina Shares: 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Rainy Season


Hello, Friends!
What with all its charms, it is difficult to hate the rainy season. I think this season is the perfect time to bring out those trendy pullovers and hoodies, savor a warm cup of coffee or tea, and snuggle for extended hours under the sheets.
Rainy days, however, also have their own share of perils. With all the humidity and moisture, brought about by prolonger rain spells, it is easier for bacteria and viruses to grow–and for diseases to spread.
You don’t have to fret, though. I’m giving you some easy tips that can help you and your family stay healthy despite the heavy downpour.

  1. Invest in some trusty rain gear.

Getting (and remaining!) wet from the rain may cause sudden temperature changes in your body that may lead to fever and colds. To dodge the flu and other sicknesses, invest in some trusty rain gear such as umbrellas, rain boots, and even a kapote.
Having an umbrella and a raincoat handy will help keep you dry. A pair of rain boots, on the other hand, will prevent any open wounds on your feet from coming in contact with water contaminated by rat urine—the main cause of Leptospirosis.

  1. Eat healthy.

If you are a fan of street fish balls, kikiam, and kwek kwek, you would want to steer clear of them and stick to home-cooked meals instead–or at least in the meantime. As the latter are cooked and sold in an open area, they are likely to come in contact with disease-causing air and waterborne bacteria.
Eating healthy, home-cooked meals and vitamin-C rich fruits and veggies will not only rejuvenate your body and boost your immune system, but also help you save on cash. As you are sure that your meals are clean and freshly-prepared, you are at less risk for contamination, a common rainy-day disease.

  1. Drink healthy.

Another way to repulse contamination is to stock on purified drinking water. Another option is to boil your supply of drinking water. Intake of contaminated water may lead to diseases like amoebiasis and cholera.
It also helps to drink herbal tea products, as these have curative properties that can help relieve colds, coughs, and sore throat. Add some body-warming ingredients to your evening tea such as pepper, mint, basil, and cloves, for restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep.

  1. Keep your hands clean.

While regular hand washing should be practiced whatever the weather, it is extra important to keep your hands clean in the rainy season.  This is because during the monsoon, bacteria and viruses are extra active, and you can be exposed to them by simply crossing the street or holding on to an infected surface.
Wash your hands as frequently as possible. Use warm water and soap, and lather between your fingers, under your nails and the top of your hands. Rid your hands of germs by drying them completely.

  1. Keep your surroundings clean.

Stagnant water is the choice breeding ground for mosquitoes, and this is why the population of these nasty dengue-carrying insects grow during the rainy season. To keep mosquitoes out, do a thorough housecleaning. It is important to get rid of stagnant water hiding in flower pots, ditches, and other nooks and crannies. It will also help to turn the fountain off for the mean time, and rid it of water. Keep these covered until the end of the season. It’s also important to slather mosquito repellent and to invest in mosquito repellent patches for the kids.

Set an Emergency Budget Aside

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