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#PawnHero101: How to Pawn Using the PawnHero Website | PawnHero YouTube Channel


Mary Grace: Hello! I’m your host, Mary Grace, and in this special episode of the PawnHero Channel, I will walk you through your very own pawning journey using the PawnHero website!

Step 1.  Using your smartphone or laptop, go to www.pawnhero.ph. Once you’ve landed on the home page, our online loan counter will load through your screen. 

Step 2. To get a free estimate, you can either type in the name of the item you wish to pawn or simply select the item category and click the pawn now button. In this case let’s choose the Designer Bags category!

Next step, choosing the brand! In this case, I have a Louis Vuitton bag here so let’s select it from the options.

Step 4. Let’s select the model of the brand you wish to pawn. Here with me is a LOUIS VUITTON Palm Springs PM Size Monogram Canvas Backpack! If you can’t find it from the long list there is an option to type in the model and see if it matches. The model of my bag is Palm Springs. That’s a match!

Step 5. Let’s choose the attributes of your item. Depending on which item category, it will usually ask you about its material and what inclusions your item may have. For designer bags, the system will ask if you still have the original dust bag and the type of leather material among other things. As for smartphones, attributes such as receipts, chargers, original box, your phone’s memory storage will be asked. Your item doesn’t need to have its complete inclusion but it will help increase the initial estimated value!

Step 6. A friendly reminder!

Clicking “I understand” means you are agreeing that you will describe your item accurately. If we have received your item in a state that is different from what you have previously described, it will be held and is subject to return charge.

Moreover, pawning of fake items is against the law, and is considered a criminal offense.

On Step 7, help us identify the condition of your item whether it is poor, very good, or excellent. 

And for the final step, fill out your contact details and submit it to request for a free estimate.

That’s it! All you need to do is to wait for our friendly loan support officers to call you within business hours to discuss the initial estimate of your item based on the details you just submitted to us. Fast, easy and secured application.

Source: PawnHero YouTube Channel


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