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PawnHero is Ready 2GO!


In emerging countries like the Philippines only 2 out of 10 people have a bank account and less than 5% have a credit card. Most citizen don’t have access to affordable credit. Their only option is to borrow from pawnshops who charge extremely high interest rates.

#1 Pawning Revolution

PawnHero.ph-the first online pawnshop in Southeast Asia—recently launched in the Philippines to provide a hassle-free, private, and convenient solution to short-term cash needs. It offers the lowest interest rate in the country, and much higher appraisal value for a wider variety of items like jewelry (Chanel, Cartier, etc), gadgets (Canon, Asus, etc), luxury bags (Givenchy, Hermes, etc), designer shoes (Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, etc), and more.
PawnHero is Ready 2GO!
In the US and UK, similar online pawnshops are already proven. For the Philippine market, PawnHero.ph is slated to change pawning for around 1 million Filipinos who visit a pawnshop every day.

Great Value & Low Interest Rate in 3 steps

In partnership with 2GO, one of the country’s largest transport and logistics provider, PawnHero.ph allows anyone to submit a pawn request without leaving the comfort of their homes. Jun Tagud, CEO of 2GO said, “We will make the whole 2GO logistics ecosystem available for (PawnHero) to help accelerate growth. In particular, 2GO Express will partner with (PawnHero) in whatever way PawnHero finds productive to put the business at distinct advantage over similar businesses like regular pawnshops.”
David Margendorff, PawnHero.ph Chairman and Co-founder, emphasized how the partnership with 2GO placed PawnHero at the unique position of having a strong brand and a wide network from day one. “With 2GO we have a trusted logistic partner who already has a strong brand recognition in the Philippines. This way, we offer convenience, safety and security to all our users. For those not comfortable with the pickup, all items can be dropped in any of the 900+ PawnHero affiliated 2GO outlets nationwide.”
PawnHero is Ready 2GO!1. POST – To pawn an item, simply take a picture and describe the items for pawn to get a free and fair estimate. For added convenience, customers can upload multiple photos and items in one pawn request. Unlike traditional pawnshops where customers have to travel back and forth to renew a loan, PawnHero allows a loan duration up to 1 year. Once accepted, the customer can schedule a fully insured and free pick-up of items via 2GO or drop off their items in PawnHero affiliated 2GO branches.
2. GET CASHPawnHero.ph will deposit the cash once the items are received and assessed. Customers can choose to get their loan via the free PawnHero Card, a debit card handed over to customers upon item pick-up; bank deposit, or cash transfer using Gcash or Smart Money.
3. PAY LOAN – Customers can repay their loan via their PawnHero Card. After a customer repays his or her loan, PawnHero.ph will ship back their item, fully insured and for free.
For more information on online pawning, visit www.PawnHero.ph