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PawnHero: 24/7 pawnshop


We live in the digital age where almost everything is accessible in 1-click. Through the internet, innovations continue to emerge and revolutionize the way people live and interact with each other.
In the Philippines, where 72% of the population has visited a pawnshop, there are over 17,500 pawnshops serving around 1 million customers daily. However, there is only one that is open 24/7, available for anyone who wishes to pawn an item online: www.PawnHero.ph

First of its kind

PawnHero.ph—the first online pawnshop in Southeast Asia, is the first of its kind in the Philippines. “PawnHero.ph offers the lowest interest in the country—half of what traditional pawnshops charge, and higher appraisal values for a wider variety of items—beyond what brick-and-mortar pawnshops are willing to accept as collateral for a loan,” David Margendorff, Chairman and Co-founder of PawnHero.ph said.
PawnHero: 24/7 pawnshopUnlike traditional pawnshops, PawnHero.ph also offers a free PawnHero Card, a debit card that customers can use at any ATM nationwide, any Bancnet accredited merchant, and even for online shopping. The PawnHero Card is issued upon item pick-up so customers can instantly receive their cash once their items are received and assessed.
Margendorff enthused how PawnHero provides a hassle-free experience to their customers. “At PawnHero it’s all about being the “good guys”, eventually we want to solve the underlying problem and help Filipinos have access to financial services. For example, aside from using our card to repay a loan, it can also be used to pay bills, purchase phone load and to remit money,” he said.

Turning items to cash through a 24/7 pawnshop

PawnHero: 24/7 pawnshop
PawnHero.ph reaches beyond what traditional pawnshops offer. Aside from regularly pawnable items such as jewelry and diamonds from brands like Cartier and Chopard; or precious metals like silver and gold; www.PawnHero.ph also accepts personal items as collateral for a loan. Among many, PawnHero.ph accepts luxury goods from Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton (bags, shoes, eyewear, etc); mobile phones and gadgets from Samsung, Apple, and LG; musical instruments like guitar and piano; and equipment such as glassware, furniture, dermatologist equipment, and more.
According to Margendorff, Filipinos can benefit from PawnHero in two easy ways. First, customers who are not ready to completely let go of items can simply pawn an item to request for a loan. This way, they can redeem their valuables once their loan has been paid. “At PawnHero.ph, we provide the convenience of picking up and returning items to customers via 2GO, our trusted logistic partner, fully insured and for free,” Margendorff said.
On the other hand, customers who are ready to sell their items can easily sell their 2nd hand stuff to PawnHero.ph—no need to research for the item price, create an ad, wait for a potential buyer, negotiate price and terms, and take care of shipping or to meet-up with a buyer—like one would when selling in other existing buy and sell websites.
For more information on online pawning, visit www.PawnHero.ph

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