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PAG-IBIG VS Bank Housing Loan: Which is Better to Use for Buying a House? [Infographic]


Those who aspire for home ownership seldom have the upfront cash needed to pay for the property in full. This is why most individuals turn to home mortgage lenders to be able to buy their own residence. In the Philippines, you either turn to PAG-IBIG or a bank to acquire a housing loan. Depending on your preference and financial constraints, it’s best to figure out which of these two will match your own unique circumstances.
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Take a look at the requirements needed for application, as well as the pros and cons of obtaining either a PAG-IBIG loan or a Bank Housing loan in this infographic.

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Now that you’re armed with the basics of the requirements needed to apply for a housing loan, you can now determine which of the two options above can best fit your financial needs, current lifestyle and budgetary constraints. Those who want more flexibility in terms of interest amount might want to go for a bank loan. Additionally, if you’re inclined to pay for a shorter period of time, then a bank loan might also be the way to go. However, for those who prefer to pay for a longer term and have a more limited capacity to pay might want to become PAG-IBIG member in order to avail of their loan programs. Whichever you choose, it’s good to know that these options are available to help you find a place to call your own.