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Kuripot and Proud: Budgeting Tips from Self-Confessed Frugal People


No one likes a kuripot person. They never seem to want to spend on anything. They always go for what is cheaper and more affordable. Getting kuripot people to say yes to a get-together takes monumental effort. They’re never ones to spring for a treat either. One thing that they, in fact, are is very good at saving money. In fact, they’re the ones who are NEVER worried when pay comes out—because they have enough set aside.
If you, on the other hand, are constantly desperately in need of cash, you might learn a thing or two from the kuripots in your crew. We have one or two of those here at PawnHero and we asked them for the budgeting tips that will help you save more.

“You’re not THAT hungry.”

Admit it. Lunch is often not enough for you. In between, there’s probably a snack or two thrown in with maybe one more when you best friend invites you to the downstairs convenience store. There’s nothing wrong, of course, with a snack here and there. Unless, of course, you want to save money. When you think about it, the best thing to do is have a good lunch (THAT meal matters) and maybe buy a pack of crackers. It might take some getting used to, but the truth is that you really aren’t all that hungry anyway.

“If you can’t pay for it with cash, you can’t afford it.”

For anyone that’s frugal, credit cards are to be avoided like the plague. Sure, they can get you that smartphone/dress/thing-that-you-just-want-but-can-live-without more quickly, but it doesn’t come free. You have to pay for it later on, often with interest tacked on top. Our resident kuripot had it right when he said that the inability to pay for something in cash is the best sign that you shouldn’t get it. This is a hard thing to do for many people as we can easily justify purchases as being “comforts” or “rewards”. But the trick is to step back and consider the financial consequences a rash purchase might bring.

“It’s a need if not having it will kill you.”

Some people “need” Starbucks to function well during the day. Some people “need” to have the latest in fashion because it gives them joy. Some people “need” to have a crazy night out with friends every Friday to unwind. These three statements misunderstand the meaning of the word “need”. In simplest terms, you need something if it keeps you alive. Full meals, oxygen, transportation to work, clothes, a home to live in: take any of these away and you’ll REALLY suffer. Everything else is just a “want”. Not that there’s anything wrong with “wants”. Even frugal people indulge them once in a while. The key difference is that frugal people don’t convince themselves that the loss of these wants is as horrible as we think it is.

“Stop. Think. Spend.”

Lastly, the secret weapon of any kuripot’s arsenal is that they take time to think and think a lot before pulling out the wallet. It might look corny and boring, but if you try to think things through before buying, you’ll find yourself pocketing your wallet again more often than not. Here are a few questions worth asking:

  • Do I need this or do I just want it
  • Can it wait?
  • What will happen if I don’t spend on this?

If you just go through these considerations rather than rushing in to spend, you’ll find that many are things you don’t need at that moment.
Follow these tips religiously and eventually you’ll find that being frugal isn’t all that bad. Especially when it’s important for you to save up at the moment. If you’re truly in need of cash, though, then consider pawning with PawnHero. We offer fair appraisals on your items, provide convenience through a wholly online platform, and are the perfect answer to your quick cash needs. Give us a try today.


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