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Items You Can Pawn


Everyone and their grandmother knows that pawn shops make their business by accepting valuable items as collateral for cash loans. Surprisingly, however, there are many who don’t take advantage of this easy source of quick cash because they don’t know what items are open to pawn. PawnHero looks at several of the most valuable items that you can pawn with us. Even if you’ve had experiences with traditional pawnshops in the past, you should read this list, because we accept far more than most pawnshops do.

Jewelry, Precious Stones & Metals

Jewelry and other precious stones and metals have always been the staple of pawnshops. Ever since people have been temporarily giving up their stuff for a little bit of cash, jewelry has been top on the list of items pawnable. All pawnshops that you go to will generally equipped with the capability to determine the veracity of jewelry as a basic function before anything else. PawnHero adds a little more “value” for this particular item set as we ensure that our testing of your item is non-destructive in any way. Other methods, you see, require scratching off a certain portion of your jewelry to conduct tests, we don’t.

Smartphones, Tablets, & Other Gadgets

Because of the proliferation of smart gadgets of all shapes, brands, and sizes, many pawnshops have opened themselves up to accepting these ubiquitous things as collateral for loans. Some will be more brand-specific, accepting only those from big brands like Apple or Samsung. Others will be less discerning and accept from a wider range of brands. There is always a limit when it comes to the year that these items are released. For example, those 1 or 2 years old might still have a smaller value, but those that are pushing 4-5 years won’t likely be accepted. And that boils down to resale value should the loan default.

Luxury Items

Another very popular pawnable category, this includes those super expensive bags and watches with classy names like Prada, Michael Kors, Tag Heuer, Omega, and others. These items actually fetch very high appraisal values! Provided, that is, that they’re original! Sadly, there are a lot of fakes out there and, honestly, it isn’t all that easy to tell. If you have a luxury item on-hand and want to pawn it, it helps if it comes with documentation (originals have certificates of authenticity), a dust bag (for luxury bags) or a box (for the watches), and has quality stitching or metal work. A quick online search usually yields ways to tell fake from original, and it pays to check just to make sure you get a better appraisal value. Luxury eyewear like Ray Ban and Oakley are also bulked into this category, though they might not get too high a price.


Pieces of art like painting and sculptures are also accepted at PawnHero. We’ve quite a few on display over at Marketplace.ph, in fact. As it is out there, these can range in value from 500 pesos to tens of thousands. Where in that range your falls into depends on the artist and his or her popularity, the rarity and notability of the work itself, and even the medium it’s in. We’ve found sculptures that fetched a rather high price! With free appraisals, it won’t hurt got you to try to pawn those older paintings that you might have hanging around your home. As an added tip, if you have any paperwork or even just a photo to prove the authenticity or provenance of an art piece, it increases the value a great deal!

Appliances, atbp!

PawnHero does the competition better by accepting a whole lot of other items apart from those mentioned above. Historically, we’ve already accepted musical instruments, televisions, appliances, even power tools and other equipment! The key here to getting a good appraisal value is the condition of the item you are trying to pawn. A good indicator of how much you’ll get is the original price of the item in question as the appraised value will hover around that area. This is good to know when you’re looking to pawn en masse and trying to figure out what you need to let go of!
With free appraisal, it’s really worth trying out PawnHero if you find yourself in need of quick cash. Everything is done from your home, requires you NOT to go out, and, again, is absolutely free. You never know, after all, if an item you’ve kept gathering dust is actually something worth a lot of money! Plus, remember that we have a interest rates as low as 2.99%. So what are you waiting for? Give PawnHero a try today!

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