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Investments That Build-up for A Lifetime


It’s high time you don’t just spend the money you earned for things you just want and need. Sure, gadgets, clothes and those luxurious items that you can now afford may seem rewarding enough, but those are the short-term financial goals you set for yourself.
By this time, you prolly heard of building your assets. In terms of economics, assets give you more economic value as a person. Now, we get you to wonder about the possible investments that would meet your long-term financial goals. So, don’t fret, because we got you covered of these investments whose value marks up over time.
1) Real Estate
If there’s one finite commodity wherein the demand skyrockets over time, it’s definitely the value of land. The ever growing demand for space in key cities, where space is getting smaller while its price is getting expensive, is a market you would want to tap into. Who wouldn’t want to own a nice piece of land or a wide place of space in the metro right? But mind you, don’t just limit yourself in focusing on dreaming for a place in the capital, if you have a hometown, you can just invest as much over there. The really good thing here is that the price for land is not as high per square meter compared in the city but its value will sure double in years to come. Plus, owning a property anywhere in this country is just the best. In time you would come to meet your plans of building your own home, or starting your very own business as well, and land wouldn’t be a problem.
2) Your skills
They say, get an education and you’ll land a job. Yes, that mentality never grows old and getting a diploma is still as important especially with a competitive generation where everyone’s access to education is not as impossible as your grandma’s heyday. Speaking of education, the world is indeed competitive now. So aside from learning theories, terms, and courses in school, go ahead and improve your skill set too. If your’e busy with that 9-5 job, you can still make time for a learned skill. Look over the internet, you can invest your weekends to enroll yourself to learn a new language, improve in public speaking, making latte art, discovering calligraphy, anything you feel interested in. There are so many short courses, seminars, workshops popping-up anywhere. Who knows, you can teach one skill yourself, a good idea for business, right? So, make yourself productive, because learning doesn’t stop after graduation.
3) Jewelry/Gold
Precious gems and stones are really to die for, like Marilyn Monroe said “Diamonds are forever.” Its value can harbor you in times of recession. In case of such financial instability, you may pawn such at Pawnhero (winks).  Aside from that, investment in gold is a safe haven in a market that’s so volatile to change. Gold has always maintained its value through the years. And you can never go wrong considering investments in gold.
4) Insurance
Insurance in the Philippines might still be everyone’s least priority, but one should consider that insurance means a protection against financial loss. There are two major types of insurance, life and non-life insurance. If you own a big business, like having a building, perhaps you might want to insure that against the possibility of an earthquake, a fire, and other calamities that can cause extreme damages. On the other end, getting your life insured is much more important than getting your home, car, and business insured. Especially if you’re the breadwinner, it’s best to prepare for the uncertainties of life. So, try seeking pieces of advice from friends and colleagues who have an idea about insurance.
5) Stock Market
You know you can invest in the stock market for Php 10,000? You have two ways to invest in the stocks, a short-term and a long-term stock investment. The bank has brochures displayed regarding investing on available fund baskets, and if you are reeling to learn to bet on stocks, go ask the experts you know from the bank, or approach them and inquire about investing in the stocks. They are happy to entertain and to explain you about their portfolio of stock investments.
6) Antique, art or Vintage collections
For others, that century-old thing is junk, but for some, it has value. If you got that old grand piano inherited from your mother’s grandmother’s mother, then that value is not a joke. If you have your granddad’s broken-down auto from decades ago, it’s vintage. Yes guys, the antiques are old treasures left by the past. You don’t get to see one often in a modern age. Our country is a scavenge hunting grounds for antiques. In most provinces, there are people who would sell such for less its true value, so grab that kind of opportunity. You’ll soon find yourself interested in learning not just its value but its history. What can you say? Anything old can be new again, eh.
7) Business
Ah yes, we’ve been discussing about business for a good long time now and we will always continue to. Business is always a good investment. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then the above-mentioned investments can turn into business itself. It always depends to your liking and how you can create an innovative way for your products and services in the market.

With regards to investments, if you want to get a fast and easy loan to settle that investment you have been eyeing for a long time yet your savings is just a tad bit below your target budget, then might as well check out the Pawnhero website or download the Pawnhero app and in no time you can get what you want.

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