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How To Keep New Year Resolutions From Becoming Broken Promises


Research shows that only 8% of people successfully achieve their New Year’s resolution! Well, great for them! While a big part of the population never successfully fulfilled their resolutions, it doesn’t mean that the percentage should demotivate you from getting yourself to fulfill yours.
Now to keep your New Year’s resolutions from becoming broken promises, here are effective ways to assure you would not throw your list in the bin again.

1) Make a list of SMART goals!

Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  For instance, instead of writing down a general and vague promise like say “lose weight,” be more specific! Rather put down drop 15 pounds by enrolling yourself in a gym for six months or by joining at least 2 running marathons a month. When your goals are clearer, it will be easier to accomplish them!

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2)  Start small, don’t slack.

The first time, you let excitement write down your New Year’s resolution list. You feel confident that you can’t wait to start. Eventually, in a few days, procrastination may hit you. The spark will dwindle and you’ll just be who you were last year. But don’t! Not again! If you want to cut on your sugar intake, live a healthy lifestyle and go for an early exercise, then do it little by little.

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3) Remember that you do it for yourself.

You don’t do your New Year’s resolution for someone, you do it for yourself. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Remember that who you are right now took time to build. If you have an unhealthy habit, then keep in mind that you were doing that for a long time. So, if you want change, take time as well to change you.

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4) Keep a dream board.

Here’s a great way to keep that motivation alive, make your very own dream board or vision board. This is like creating a blueprint for your dreams, turning them into goals. Others believe that making such activates the Law of Attraction. When creating one, you can fill your boards with cut out pegs of your dreams from magazines and whatnot.It’s fun and keeps your resolution alive and kicking.

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5) Write and pin you New Year’s Resolution list from where you can see it everyday.

Wake up everyday to see your resolution list on your wall or from any point in your room where you can see it everyday.  A common tip for success that has become a bit of cliche’ is to put your goals in writing. You can have it framed if you want to. The important thing here is that you can see a gentle reminder that would give encouragement to push yourself to reach your goals.
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6) No need to tell others of your progress.

Surprise them at the end of the year, you don’t have to say it out loud. According to a research, announcing your goals makes you less motivated to accomplish them. Better keep your plans to yourself. Work your way to the top silently and you will achieve them greatly.

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The only way that keeps you from achieving success is yourself. Sure the New Year is a great time to start fresh, but the best way to always begin anew is by starting from yourself. You can go on months of the year living the life you wish to change, so why not really do something by following the above-mentioned tips to fulfill your goals and live a year of change instead.
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