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How To Avoid Holiday Sale Blunders That Scare Potential Customers Away


You think you got the best deal out there? Well, you’re in the mindset of a merchant. That’s too one-sided. Know that you are not the only biz making a good sale out there.
As a business owner or a business partner, the right way to plan a holiday promo or a holiday sale run is to “think how a customer thinks.”  Avoid these holiday sale blunders so you won’t scare potential customers away.
1) Discount Signs that your consumer ignores.
SAVE UP TO 50% NOW!!” What’s wrong with the sign? Well, for starters, it feels like you’re screaming at your customers. The way you present your holiday sale signs also contribute to luring your customers in. As much as possible don’t be a CAPITAList (pun intended) and a punctuation abuser. The sense of urgency you are trying to pull off gets thrown out the windows of your potential customers with these copy writing blunders.

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2) Lacking of creativity on your sales.
The challenge with making promos is to stand out. A boring and same old promo won’t give you the cha-ching you want.  Just being lazy is not gonna reward you your sale goals.

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Research good and creative holiday sale promotions. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to pull it off. You can find good reads about it on the web and inspire yourself with ideas.
Here’s an idea: Take inspiration from the “dominating alternatives” technique. Don’t give out just two options for your customers to choose, but make three options and your third choice becomes the promo decoy. The illusion of comparison is a strategy that works for many.
3) Super long instructions for your promo contests.
People are busy. Anything too wordy, and anything too lengthy as an instruction to your contests just do not work at all.
Keep in mind that people are more “visual.” Make your instructions creative and easy to deal with.

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4) The choice of sale phrases.
The choice of words to catch an attention means a lot. They can inflate your sales or deflate them. Be wary of your choice of words when making a holiday sale sign.  Here are effective sale phrases to sure-fire purchasing decisions of your customers:

  • Using the phrase “x percent Off.”
  • Making it personal with “Your” or “You.”
  • “Best seller” approach.
  • “New” never fails to intrigue.
  • For sense of urgency, “Now” is the right word
  • “FREE” is happiness.

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5) That uber bad timing.

One thing about putting up a holiday sale is to plan it out. Your business holiday sales should be SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and TIMELY. Identify the holy grail of your holiday sale period. Check your calendar and plan it out. It is also best to know the type of customers you are targeting. The ideal ones are the early birds and the last-minute customers.

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