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Going to the Laboracay? Here are the Things You Need to Remember


The Laboracay weekend is almost here! Laboracay happens every Labor Day weekend, where beach bums and adrenaline junkies hit the shores of Boracay to enjoy the white sand, turquoise waters, and majestic sunsets. This is the one weekend where all of Boracay’s three stations turn into amazing spots for non-stop partying. Locals and tourists alike swarm the island for a weekend of concerts, events, and sports.
Laboracay is the one beach event even hardcore partyphiles swear by. To help you get the most out of your trip, PawnHero compiles a list of the things you need to bring as well as some reminders to help you party safely.

Don’t forget to pack:

✓ (Waterproof) Tote – Lug your sunscreen, towel, sunnies, phone, camera and towel around in a cute canvas tote! This way you won’t have to worry about losing your stuff or getting anything wet.
 Power Bank – For sure, you’ll be taking plenty of pictures and videos. Having a power bank handy will help your phone stay on in case of emergencies.
Waterproof Pouch (for your phones) – Unless you own a waterproof phone like a Samsung S6 Active or a Samsung S7, you need a waterproof bag to protect your gizmos from damage.
✓ Flipflops – It’s nice to go frolicking in the sand barefoot, but the sand might prove too hot for your footsies. Bring a pair of flipflops to save your feet from blisters.
✓ Cover-Up – This can double as a mat for when you want to lie down on the sand.
✓ Extra Swimsuit – All that hardcore partying might just lead to a wardrobe malfunction. Have an extra pair ready, just in case.
✓ Sunscreen – Yes, you need to slather on some sunscreen, even if you’re aiming for a tan.
✓ Sunnies – A pair of stylish sunnies can complete your beach OOTD and protect your eyes from the harsh sun.
✓ Floppy Hat – Save your skin from nasty sunburn and look ultra-cute with a wide floppy hat.
✓ Baby Powder – Sand on your hair is some sweet reminder of your awesome escapade. BUT you don’t want to bring home a real estate’s worth of sand. Use baby powder to keep the sand at bay.
✓ Medicine Kit – Pack an aspirin or two for a bad hangover, ibuprofen for body pain from all the partying, and even a bottle of white flower for motion sickness.
✓ Extra Cash – You’d want to stick to your budget, but you also want to have some extra cash at hand, in case your friends decide to embark on an unplanned journey.


2015 Laboracay photo by NesteaPH


A few reminders to help you remain safe while having fun:

  1. Always go in pairs.

Laboracay isn’t just about heart-pounding, ultra-loud party music—there are also more relaxed bars, perfect for those looking to simply chill. Whether you plan to relax or to dance ‘til you drop, it’s always safer to have company. If you are traveling alone, never let your guard down. Don’t drink too much to the point that you don’t anymore know what you’re doing.

  1. Go easy on the alcohol.

Enjoying Laboracay isn’t synonymous to acting like you don’t care. It pays to care and beware. Learn how to gauge how much alcohol your body can take, and never drink more than your limit. If you know you usually get inebriated after four bottles, do not order a fifth. Once you start getting buzzed, do yourself a favor and slow down.

  1. It’s okay to say “no.”

Some vendors and locals may try to trick you into paying more than you should. Tourists reported of vendors who hounded them until they gave in and bought something. If this ever happens to you, learn to say “no” firmly.
You should also learn to politely say “no” when someone offers to buy you a drink. We know, free booze is both tempting and flattering, but you don’t want to risk getting drugged by someone with bad intentions. It also pays to decline when an intoxicated person invites you to dance. When a group asks you to go with them to a place you’ve never heard of, it’s best to just leave.

  1. Stranger danger!

It’s nice to make new friends in a place like Boracay, but you want to be mindful about the information you disclose. It’s not wise to tell a stranger where you’re staying, and worse, your room number. Small chats are okay, but you want to reserve heartbreak stories for your close friends. Otherwise, you might come off as weak, vulnerable, needy, or desperate. This might present you as an easy target to predators.


Photo by Art Oca

The most important thing apart from having the time of your life is staying safe. Always trust your instincts—if something feels out of place, it probably is. Now, being safe definitely doesn’t mean missing all the fun. You just need to learn how to look after yourself.
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