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Fast Facts: Filipinos and Money


Filipinos have a lot of bad money habits they need to break to avoid money troubles. One is the “Mañana Habit” or “Mamaya Na” habit when people ignore the need to save for a rainy day. Another is the “Bahala na si Batman” habit, which means not having any plans for financial stability or security.

But despite that, many still practice good money habits such as budgeting. Most parents, if not all, with children still attending school and allotting a specific amount for groceries and other necessities do this. Some are investing in life insurances to prepare for the future or taking risks in the stock market. Filipinos are well-aware of their priorities, knowing that it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices to earn money.
Let’s see what the figures tell us about the Filipino money habits with this infographic.


Whether Filipinos practice good money habits or not, there are times when people have short-term cash needs. That’s where online pawning can help. Unlike traditional pawnshops that only accept jewelry, PawnHero— Southeast Asia’s first ever online pawnshop offers people an easy, fast, and convenient way to get quick cash by allowing you to pawn personal items including gadgets and mobile phones.
Gone are the days when you need to walk to the pawnshop and hand in your precious items in exchange for cash. With PawnHero, you just need to take photos of the items you wish to sell or pawn, have it appraised online, and schedule the free item pickup once the items are approved.
Upon receipt of the items, you will receive the money via bank account or other options.

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