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Du30: 30 Small Things to do to Make Change Happen in Your Life


Unless you’re Patrick Star (read as: living under a rock), you know that the everyone has been talking about #ChangeIsComing and #WelcomeChange. Appropriately, and just in time for the second half of the year, it’s time to reassess your progress on your New Year’s resolutions and finally finish what you’ve started or create new goals to end 2016 strong.
To help you guys get the ball rolling (and a fun play on our new President Duterte’s shorthand name), here’s a #Du30 List, or 30 small things to do to make change happen in your life:
1. Start a dream board | This is a simple way to get the law of attraction on your side, meaning imagine it as yours and it will be yours.
2. Read short stories or books | Get your mind thinking, and transport it to a different place to get your imagination going.
3. Write or doodle | Sometimes, words cannot express our ideas and feelings; write them or doodle them out and you’ll feel a whole lot better, and you’ll have a piece of art that manifests the ideas as well!
4. Daydream | It’s a great stress reliever, keeps your brain and imagination running, and studies show it helps boost your memory!
5. Ask questions | Always be curious; it will help you look things in a different perspective and widen your horizons.
6. Say “Thank You” | Saying it will make the other person feel appreciated and it will leave you feeling better.
7. Be positive | There’s always two sides of a coin, so when the going gets rough, one of the things that will keep you going is a positive outlook.
8. Smile | Putting on a smile has proven to not just relieve you of your stress and making you feel better, it also extends your life!
9. Lend a helping hand | The good feelings that you get after helping someone out is worth it, but what’s even more important is that you’ve helped someone out, and that person will most likely pay it forward!
10. Keep crackers/biscuits in your car or bag | Not only will it be a lifesaver if you get hungry when you’re stuck in traffic, but it’s a great thing to give to the less fortunate when they come knocking on your window.
11. Bring packed lunch (baon) | Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. It also ensures that you’re eating less processed food and more of the right nutrients you need.
12. Eat breakfast | Nutritionist say it’s the most important meal of the day because it will energize you for the day ahead and jumpstart your metabolism, keeping you healthy and fit!
13. Taste something new or different | Your palate changes as you grow older, so that means what you hated as child might be the food of your dreams now.
14. Cook a meal | It’s a good way to show everyone “I’m an adult now” but more importantly, it gives you a sense of fulfillment (and it is a very useful life skill).
15. Eat more fruits and vegetables | They are more delicious that you previously perceived them to be (see number 13) and they do you more good than any other food. Including them in your diet will make you feel better about yourself, inside and out.
16. Drink more water | Staying hydrated will keep you feeling full and will cleanse your body of harmful toxins. Not to mention it will keep your skin looking younger and glowing!
17. Sleep early and wake up early | Sleeping early will give you that refresh you badly needed, plus it will help you wake up earlier. Studies show that waking up early makes you more productive throughout the day, allowing you to get more things done.
18. Stand and sit properly | Just by correcting your posture, you not only avoid back injuries, but you also start feeling more confident about yourself, and people will take notice.
19. Spend time outdoors | It costs approximately zero pesos to step outside and enjoy the sun and breeze. Walk around your neighborhood, go to a park, or even take a hike or go to a beach, it’ll greatly improve your mood and general health.
20. Get some exercise | Working out releases endorphin, and endorphin makes you happy. Happy people never feel sad!
21. Take the stairs | Taking the stairs will lead to a healthier lifestyle, and a healthy you will always be a happy you!
22. Dance like no one is watching | It’s time to let apprehensions out the door and move the way you do. Relax and let go, you’ll be surprised on how good it feels to just do the jig and enjoy.
23. Do something silly | Sometimes, it’s important to have a youthful outlook in life. Doing something childish not only revives the kid inside you, but it makes you lighthearted as well.
24. Don’t do anything | The one thing people rarely do is nothing. There’s something about just lounging on your couch and not having to think about anything at all. It keeps your mind free of worry and takes off the pressure, even for a bit.
25. Don’t use your gadgets | Thanks to the internet, it’s almost impossible to disconnect from everything in the world – unless you stop using your gadgets that connect you to it. Take a break from it all and focus on yourself; you’ll be surprised how refreshing it.
26. Know how to say no | It’s great to be a “yes-man,” but if you don’t know how to say no, there will be times that you will be taken advantage. There is also a peace found in saying no simply because you don’t feel like doing it – so go ahead,  say it!
27. Clean your closet | It’s literally out with the old when you clean your closet. Not only will you be able to make room for newer clothes, you’ll also be able to donate or sell your old clothes for some good vibes for yourself!
28. Put your loose change in a jar | Loose change can add up by the time it fills up that coin jar, and you’d be pleasantly surprised with the things it can buy! (Pro tip: exchange the coins at a bank when it’s all counted up!)
29. Do something different | Take a different road on the way back home, or try that new restaurant down the street. When you try something new, no matter how small the action is, you’re breaking routine and adding spice into your life. Not to mention, you’re slowly training yourself to do the last thing on this list which is to:
30. Take risks | Whether it’s to bungee jump or start that small business, sometimes the best thing to do is just go for it. It may be scary, but it will be totally worth it when it’s all said and done.
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So, with the second half of the year ramping up, it’s time for you to #MakeChangeHappen, and believe that, yes, you are ready!

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