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Are You Ready for the Election? Things to Remember Before You Cast Your Vote on May 9


Election Day is happening in four days. Are you prepared yet? PawnHero compiles a list of Dos and DON’Ts, when you cast your vote on May 9.

1. Prepare a list of preferred candidates.

Educate yourself. Research on the platforms and achievements of the candidates. Prepare a list of your preferred candidates–one president and one vice president, 12 senators, and one party list.


More like the election, Spongebob.

2. Know your precinct number.

Find your name in the Posted Computerized Voters List posted near the door of your designated polling place. Know your precinct number and sequence number. You can also check your precinct number online through the COMELEC website.


A screenshot of the Precinct Finder Form

3. Fill out your ballot properly.

Get your marking pen and ballot from the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI). Make sure your ballot is inside a ballot secrecy folder. Go to the voting area to vote.

how to shade ballot

Proper way to shade your ballot.

4. Feed your ballot into the Vote-Counting Machine (VCM.)

Feed your ballot into the VCM. Pressing the green (✓) button on the machine casts your vote, while the red (X) returns your ballot. If you don’t press either of the buttons within one second, your vote will be cast automatically and a receipt will be printed.


How to feed the ballot into the VCM.

5. Wait for your receipt.

Let a BEI cut the receipt for you. Your right forefinger will first be marked with indelible ink before they hand your receipt over. Verify your receipt and drop it in the Receptacle.


Wait for your receipt.


A few more things to keep in mind:

Do not to talk to anyone, apart from the election inspectors while inside the polling precinct.
Do not use your mobile phone while voting. You are not allowed to take photos or videos inside the polling place or of the VCM screen, your ballot, and your receipt.
Do not bring campaign materials to the polling place.
Shadings for the candidates should be the only marks on your ballot. Do not crumple, tear, or deface your ballot.
Use BEI-provided Official Markers only. Do not use your own pencils, pens, or any other marker for your ballots. Make sure the oval next to the candidate’s name is shaded entirely. Otherwise, the machine might not be able to read it and count your vote.
✓ Check the number of candidates needed for every position. You may abstain or undervote, but NEVER overvote!
Don’t bring home the secrecy folder, marker, or even the receipt. Make sure you return these to the BEIs and deposit the receipt in the receptacle beside the VCM.

Important Election points to ponder:

The most important thing to remember is this: the future of the country lies in your own hands. Be smart in choosing your candidates–do your research. When mulling over your senators, remember to choose an informed, eloquent candidate, as engaging in debates is essential when constructing policies. Do not get carried away by familiar names or by pedigrees.
Also keep in mind that we hold the fate of our nation. We may choose to change, to begin abiding by the rules, and to become responsible citizens to see real transformation. We may also choose to simply vote for a mediocre candidate, and do nothing, in hopes that he or she will lead our homeland to greatness.
The truth is, no one candidate can single-handedly bring about the change we wish to see in our country. Development and sustainable growth requires the concerted effort of both the leaders and the citizens.


Ang kapangyarihan ay nasa’yo, botanteng Pilipino.

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