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A Single’s Survival Guide To Valentine’s Day


Alert! February 14 is a nuclear explosion of love. Seek solace and comfort in a love bomb shelter! But wait, don’t forget to bring a bottle of champagne and pour it on a flute glass (yes, a celebratory glass), because here’s a really great toast to all singles who love themselves more and who know how to live independently!
Bitter aside, the heart’s day is gonna be an amusing day of showing affection and admiration. Now, instead of sheltering yourself from Valentine’s bombs and turning into an ugly bitter betty this V-day, here’s a really smart survival guide to heart’s day below:

1) Go out and celebrate love!

Love comes in all forms, your relationship status should not be a sorrowful one, and hey, there are millions out there just like you, so you are not alone in this game. But if you are making a sarcastic statement, you can go to the Hugot Cafe to shove Valentine’s day that the joke’s on you.

2) Get all the love you need.

Remember, rations of sweetness will ran out that day, so you need all the love you can get. Really, you don’t have to feel alone even if you’re single. You can celebrate love as a family and be that millennial posting feeling loved photos on social media as well; snap it, tweet it, instagram story it, not to sound desperate, be proud and be an inspiration that V-day is indeed a celebration of all sorts of love the world has.

3) Be the matchmaker and make other’s Valentines happy.

You can be the philanthropist of love as well! Take V-day as a give back mission day to make others happy. You can do that by paying your parents’ date, or be your single friends’ matchmaker. Suffice to say, happiness comes naturally when you make others happy.

4) Think business!

Yup! If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, then we’re on the same page! This Valentine’s, romantics will go the extra mile to express their cheesy love for someone. So, if you are a talented singer and musician, you can offer a classic “harana” (serenade) service, or if you have a baker’s skill, why by all means, sell cookies, sweets or cupcakes [Read more: How To Make Cash Out of Selling Sweets, Cakes and Candies]. By the end of the day, you will feel fulfilled.

5) Don’t watch rom-coms.

Don’t torture yourself, spooning a gallon of ice cream while in bed, shutting the windows and watching a rom-com, that’s a silly depressing moment you should not do this V-day! So, watch a non rom-com movie that you love on the theaters! We heard that the last installment of Resident Evil is showing right now! Go dress up, buy yourself pizza, fries and popcorn and enjoy thrill, suspense, and some zombie action!

6) Gather an army for a single’s night out!

Why celebrate by yourself when you can also celebrate with an army of single ladies or gents! Be the most eligible Bachelor or Bachelorette that day! A couple will remain a couple, v-day is a great day to explore opportunities! Being single is a good thing, it’s an asset because couples buy, single selects.

7) Just go out and treat yo’self!

Do something crazy! Have a night in and splurge yourself with all the guilty pleasures you can think of, buy yourself a gift at Marketplace.ph. Treat yourself and play Justin Beiber’s Love Yourself or Little Mix’ Shout Out to My ex!

8) Comfort yourself from the tragedies and realities of love.

If all those cheesiness still bothers you, here’s a consolation, it’s not all about the birds and the bees that’s why you’re single. You know, love is an overstatement of optimism and you need to affirm on the beautiful tragedies of love by reading books such as Lang Leav’s. Through that, you’ll find the ugly truth that the future of these dating lovers may also come to a bitter end. But, let’s not be wishful for it.

9) If you can’t beat them, join them.

Third wheel buffet promo. Have a free meal when your couple friends have their diner on a full course dinner at Cow & Chicken Modern Brunch Dining in Kapitolyo, Pasig City is giving the third wheel’s meal for FREE that night. For the couple, this amazing dinner comes at P599 per head, which is still a steal! Their Valentine’s dinner runs on February 12, 14, and 15 from 5pm-1am. You can find Cow & Chicken at 16 United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City across Ace Water Spa.

10) Don’t Forget: It’s Only One Day above all else!

There are plenty of fish in the sea. V-day is just a day that will soon past after midnight! The magic won’t last but your hopes, your optimistic view of love will give an aura that attracts. The right one will come along. Always know that God is making the best love story for you, and think of it like a blockbuster movie, they take time to make.

Final word: Visualize your future partner and place it on a Love time capsule.

Attract the love you deserve, says the Law Of Attraction, and writing it down on paper will just make that attraction stronger. Before you go to bed, heed this word, get a piece of stationery, and when your thoughts are running wild with imagination, write your ideal partner and how your relationship will go. Finally, seal it and keep it somewhere safe. Never ever open until you feel you have found the one. When that happens, read it in front of your partner and rekindle those v-days when you have been patiently waiting for the right person. Remember, the best things come to those who wait, love is not a rush job and v-day has no specific day especially for those who really know how to love.

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