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A Single’s Guide To Prepare For A Valentine’s Date


In a few days, flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, gift bags and dates galore are going to shove you with the harsh truth that you are still single! But don’t feel too bad, it’s just one special hearts day out of this year’s 365 days!
While you need all the emotional strength to counter all the romantic shrapnels of loving couples on V-day, that shouldn’t be the case! You still have a good enough time to get yourself jumping into the love boat! We’re not Dr. Love, but we round up a single’s guide on how to prepare you for a Valentine’s date this 14th of February, here’s how you should do it below:

1) Decide whether you want to celebrate alone or with a date.

If you want to celebrate forever alone, then you’re in luck because you spare yourself from the financial and emotional stress that comes during this peak season, which is by far an expensive one (Imagine flowers for a thousand pesos!). If you are single and tired of the Bridget Jones misery, then maybe it’s time to test the waters for a chance of forever, so decide whether you want to celebrate and get a chance of a storybook romance or remain to be the old maid with cats to take care of for the rest of your life? Your choice.

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2) Now, find a willing date.

There you go, you made the tough decision to go out and live your life! While being single is really uh-mazing, getting yourself to date someone is really something to cross off your bucket list. Sure, your family and friends know who you are, but how else do you know yourself more? To what extent do you understand yourself? Find a date. You may ask your crush out, or as a last resort, social media can help (desperate times, calls for desperate measure). However you are going to find a date, what matters is you’re pushing yourself from the comfort zone of being single!

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3) Determine a list of what you want to do.

Congratulations! You made it this far! You probably muster up the courage to invite someone out on a date! However you did it, here’s a pat in the back! Right now, you have to determine the list of what you want to do. It’s a date. You both want to be in between yourself and making an impression. Note that you don’t have to go all out on an expensive date, you can go on a budget date and make it good.

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4) Make a canvass summary.

Now that you have the list of places and things you want to do, it’s time to bring out the financially smart you and make a canvass summary of your expenses. This date is an investment and you should not be impulsive about it. Instead, plan it well.

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5) Put your best foot forward, but keep some for yourself.

As mentioned, this date is an investment, You invest your time, effort and a little bit of trust to begin with. Much like a stock market, you take the risk but don’t have to put all that cash in one fund, instead be smart enough to diversify your investment portfolio. So, like your date, only share the basics and don’t be the hopeless romantic believing love at first sight exists.

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6) Say it with a gift.

If you want t be that classic romantic, you can say happy valentine’s with a gift. If you want something special and original, you can check out Marketplace.ph for authentic pre-loved brand items on really bargain prices! You can get a watch worth a thousand pesos or less with a special Valentine discount from the online shop.

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7) Make the date worthwhile.

Whether it works out or not, you have to make that date worthwhile. You don’t want to become the subject of your date’s future dating anecdotes. Make it worth remembering. You’ll never know that you might end up being friends, or better, more than just friends.

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8) Assess the experience.

Finally, assess your experience. How did it go? How do you feel? If you feel great, then go on a second date. Otherwise, still go and try. Quitting the dating scene is not the answer. But always know that you don’t have to have someone to complete you, because the best ones come when you love yourself completely.

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Word of advice

The reason you go out on a date is to help yourself discover more. You can date with friends, your loved ones or an acquaintance. Remember you “live to love, and love to live.”
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