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A Profile of Smartphone Users in the Philippines


Smartphones have changed the way Filipinos communicate. There’s no doubt that communication technologies are making Filipinos more social, making sure they stay connected with their circle. In fact, the Philippines has been called the text-messaging capital of the world. With better internet access and stronger smartphone adoption, the country has transformed into the most social nation.
Who are the Filipino smartphone users? And what are their smartphone habits? Let’s get to know them better with this infographic.

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The mobile phone is now the most important device all over the world. Aside from calls and messages, mobile devices now allow access to information and entertainment anytime and anywhere.
People now use mobile phones for shopping, ebooks, mobile banking, and even pawning. In fact, online pawnshops PawnHero lets Filipino pawn their items such as jewelry, gadgets, household appliances, and electronic devices using their smartphones. Download the PawnHero app for Android now to pawn your items whenever and wherever you are minus the hassle.

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