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A Girl’s Guide to Beating a Tamad Day


If this were a parallel universe, we’d be on the beach every day, basking under the glorious sun, listening to the calming sound of crashing waves. But in a universe such as the one we live in, not every day is a rainbow day and every now and then, we’ll find ourselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Much as we’d like to stay under the covers or escape to a faraway land on days like these, there are times when life won’t take no for an answer. On days like these, we are left with no choice but to get up, one tamad foot at a time. Here are five ways you can wing it ‘til you make your way through a bad day:

1. Listen to Feel-Good Music

Playing an upbeat tune can actually make you feel a bit more positive. According to the Journal of Positive Psychology, listening to upbeat music with the goal of becoming happier can indeed help you feel more cheerful.
Also, choose songs that can change your mood enough to actually make you dance. Dancing, or any form of physical activity for that matter, can boost your endorphins, among other happy hormones.

2. Brighten Up Your Peepers

Waking up with PMS, a hangover, or even just katam (read: katamaran) can get you into rare spells where makeup doesn’t at all excite you. You would have been okay with going completely bare-faced, except the tired look in your eyes and the dark bags underneath them totally give away the fact that it isn’t exactly your best day.
Instantly brighten up your face by swiping some mascara on. This will open up your peepers, making you look more awake. Lining the inner corner of your eyes with white or silver eyeliner can also do the trick.

3. Invest in a Pair of Sunglasses

Why do you think celebrities get photographed in sunglasses a lot? Nope, not to appear cool, although it definitely helps. Ultimately, it’s because they offer a quick way to hide those tired eyes. They also add pizzazz to a rather basic outfit. If you absolutely have no time for mascara or eyeliner, then investing in a good pair of sunnies is your best bet.

4. Wash Your Hair

We get it, you’re in no mood to do your makeup, but at least wash and condition your hair. Shiny, glossy hair can instantly up your rank on the hot girl meter, and taking good care of your mane can make it beautiful, soft and silky. It can also make your scalp healthy and dandruff free– because there’s nothing like flakes to drag your ganda points down.

5. Update Your Wardrobe

There is no bad feeling good ‘ol retail therapy can’t appease. While you’re at it, consider updating your closet with these basic pieces: a pullover (or a hoodie) and a comfy pair of jeans (sweatpants will also do). Wearing loose, comfortable clothing on bad days can help you feel more at ease.
If you need to go out, you can simply pair your pullover with daisy dukes or wear a plain tank over your comfiest jogger pants, and you’re good to go. You can spot celebs donning these on their lazy days, and as a diva in your own right, there’s no reason you can’t.
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