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9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day on a Budget


Cupid, the ancient Roman God of love in all its forms, is at it again –  piercing through your fragile heart with his quiver of arrows, and lo and behold, your heart is oozing with love now.
In honor of this love, we clue you in on how you could celebrate Valentine’s Day in a fun and budget-friendly way. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, taken, a third wheel, married, wishing for a second chance with your TOTGA, or just a plain ambassador of love and goodwill to people around you.

  1. Cook away at home

Around this time, restaurants are brimming with guests for the most of the day, and chances are, you would wait for hours just to be seated.
Instead, whip up a homemade meal from scratch at home. No matter how simple it is, the apple of your eye will never mind that you couldn’t make any dinner reservation early on.

  1. The mood is in the details

It doesn’t really matter where you’re spending Valentine’s as long as you know how to set the mood right.
You could be stuck in traffic, but a romantic playlist in the background and decent snacks to boot may just be the icebreaker you and your company both need.

  1. Give your folks a hand with house errands

If you wish to treat your parents to a romantic time off, but your paycheck is still in transit, you could offer to do your weekly grocery on their behalf. Also, you can take the bill for some of their favorite food or beverage to bring home.

  1. Think up a role-playing game

Does your girl gush over Eddie Vedder’s powerful vocals or Adam Levine’s Mick Jagger moves? Then be a rock star for a moment and play a mini-concert for her, and your significant other will never look at you the same way again.

  1. Say it with a flower

If you can’t get a whole bouquet, pick at least one red rose for your lady love. For a more romantic, dramatic feel, take the petals off and convey your message of affection for each loose petal.
Try to organize your thoughts beforehand but be sure, of course, to say what you mean and mean what you say.

  1. Keep the tub warm

If someone around the house needs a little bit of pampering or a long overdue me-time, the tub could be left open for them to use while they read their favorite book or listen to their favorite artist.

  1. Share a couch potato moment with your favorite person

Get your home entertainment system ready and throw in bags of popcorn in your microwave as you while away the night binge watching your favorite show. There are streaming sites out there to keep you company such as Netflix.

  1. Play a board game with the family

Win the heart of your partner’s family by stopping by their place and spending time with them over a game of Kingdomino or Sagrada or the classic Monopoly or Scrabble.
You might want to set aside just a little cash for finger food, cookies, or pastries to share with the gang

  1. Check out online pawning deals


Sometimes, you feel as if you really need to express your appreciation for someone through a gift. Thankfully, there are quality pre-loved items that you could buy at marked-down prices from a reputable online pawnshop. It still keeps the tradition of giving gifts that come from the heart.
It’s totally OK to be budget-conscious even on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. There are different creative ways to celebrate with your special someone minus the frills or the fuss. Love is all that matters on this day (or any other day), after all.

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