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9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 2015


In Chinese Culture, the number 9 is a homophone of the word for “long lasting”, representing completeness and eternity. Feng means wind and shui means water. With a combination of the two, here are 9 Feng Shui Wealth Magnet Tips for this year of the goat 2015.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20159. Wipe away the clutter

What Feng Shui says: It drains energy and hampers productivity. De-cluttering and leaving out the essentials increases your focus on the things you often use. It also lessens dust and dirt from gathering in your area.
Tip: Gather a box where you could easily throw in your unwanted stuff. Keep your rarely used appliances in a storage closet.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20158. Clean your space

What Feng Shui says: It eases the flow of chi (universal energy) into your space and view. A clean space is a good follow-up from tidying it.  After this, you’d never have to go on a treasure hunt to find your stuff.
Tip: Purchase a vacuum cleaner or the basic broom (disposable) and dust pan. Or check out these nine other tips on cleaning.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20157. Enlighten your vision

What Feng Shui says: It activates your space.  Bringing in proper lighting into your pad does not only save you electricity, it also illuminates your interior design like no other artificial light could. Aside from this, wearing spectacles that bend light rays to correct your vision lets you accomplish all of these better.
Tip: Get your prescription eyewear with a single click. Try FourEyes.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20156. Keep Flowing Water

What Feng Shui says:  Water heals, gives life, and relieves tension.  A water fountain or an aquarium balances the elements in your home. Not a fan of water? You can keep a mural of a water scenery or furniture with hues of blue to replace your water-filled furniture.
Tip: If you’re keeping real water in your room, make sure to keep the water clean and regularly maintained to keep the chi flowing.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20155. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

What Feng Shui says: Mirrors magnify, energize, and expand space dramatically.  Mirrors not only reflect space and light considerably; it’s also convenient when placed in strategic locations. It’s great for the kitchen and bathroom but not for the bedroom and staircase.
Tip: Dispose your cracked mirrors and clear your current mirrors of dirt and smudges.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20154. Have a Solid Entry Path

What Feng Shui says: A firm door nourishes the entire pad. Doors that open inwards welcome and pull the Chi inward. Have a full-swinging door that opens wide to let the energy enter substantially.
Tip: A wooden door needs lesser upkeep and outlasts doors composed of other type of materials.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20153. Take Your Time

What Feng Shui says: Clocks perfectly hone the activity in your area. It displays the passage of time and corresponds to the speed and energy where it is placed.
Tip: Fix clocks or throw them away. It is not advisable to have a clock visible by the entrance.

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20152. Update Your Wardrobe

What Feng Shui says:  A new year brings in a new chapter in your life. Updating your wardrobe symbolizes a fresh start to your life. If you haven’t made it last new year, you can bring in the good luck now!
Tip: Flip through the array of premier fashionable  choices at Ava.ph

9 Feng Shui Wealth-Producing Tips This 20151. Have a Feast

What Feng Shui says: It brings in prosperity for the months ahead. A feast doesn’t have to be grand but should be celebrated with loved ones. It would also be more memorable if you’d have a handy selfies snapper with you to capture the moment.
Tip: Get some CashBack at your favorite restaurant with just your mobile number at Zap.
The moon cakes and dragon dances will flourish once again along the streets this February 19 (Thursday). This Chinese New Year, you could bring in the good luck with these tips but don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Kung Hei Fat Choi!


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