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8 Ways To Think Like A Smart Shopper


Shopping smart does not only mean bargaining for a discount and regularly going to sales. It is more than that. To admit to you, smart shopping also includes negotiation, exploring the market, understanding the information of a product and having a criteria for quality and quantity to meet.
Basically, smart shoppers are the most serious consumers. They don’t just shop and go for nothing. And how smart you ask? Well, they’re the brainiacs of the shopping world because they take chunks of time in exploring, learning and understanding the market. What does it really take to be a smart shopper? We have eight ways to really think like one. Soon enough, with these ways, you’ll start acting like a smart shopper. Fake it until you make it right? Thumbs up.
1) Part-time trend lover, Full-time sales discount conqueror
When a trend starts, almost everyone are into the game. But smart consumers don’t necessarily go overboard into the trend train, because they know these trendy items have much more value due to demand. Instead, they keep track of the seasonal sales and discounts. You heard it, as much as how they appreciate trends, they also know that the best deals come with purchasing items less than their original prices. They don’t go cuckoo with what’s hot and what’s not. They are not conformists, but are rebels of their own. After all, trends are what keep prices high.
2) Shopping your way around diligently is key
A smart shopper finds time to learn and understand the market. They are the shopping explorers of the shopping-verse. They go high and low, far and wide, class and mass to shop their way around. And because of their experience, they seem to be literate when it comes to shopping the best places for the best qualities with the lowest prices. They know where to find the best deals around. Plus, it’s obvious that these smart consumers don’t remain loyal to one particular brand. They have an array of places to go. Well, talk about sniffing through the market.
3) Never fall for impulsive buying
Impulsive buying is a normal trait for an ordinary consumer or shopper, but this is one trait you cannot find in the vocabulary of an intelligent shopper. It’s imperative for a smart shopper to always maximize their hard-earned money. With their knowledge about the nook and cranny of the market, it is unlikely they would end up in an uncontrollable shopping craze. For a smart shopper, money should always be spent wisely.
4) Never go easy on sales talk
While shopping, smart shoppers don’t hesitate to walk away when things are not working out. They have deals on their heads and they don’t go easy on sales talk. Smart shoppers know that a salespeople’s goal is to persuade a shopper to buy the product. For their part, it’s to get more for less. They are hard to please and always find the time to question the offer. Hard-selling and soft-selling have no power over their purchasing decisions. They got stack knowledge and a track of experience to judge the items for themselves.
5) Setting priorities
What’s the deal breaker for being a smart shopper if you don’t set priorities? When they go shopping, they always and always have a purpose. They don’t only go shopping just for the PURE fun and love of it. Though, that doesn’t mean they are robots. Smart shoppers have another definition of fun in shopping. They are on a look out to carefully buy a quality good. They know how to manage their budget and most importantly they weigh their needs over wants. It’s their thing.
6) Knows when and where to splurge
A smart shopper knows when or where to splurge. They are a regular at garage sales, artisan stores, warehouse sales, and any places where they can struck a bargain. They mostly seek value for every peso spent. They don’t splurge for nothing, they always have an underlying objective.
7) Opinion Leaders on Shopping
Another way how the mind of a smart shopper works is that they are eager to study the product features, quality framework and has more product knowledge than your everyday consumer. They have built their own set of evaluation for a good quality item from the experience and information they gathered. They use their guidelines to find the best of the best on the market.  They have wisdom and are like the philosophers of shopping. They don’t keep the knowledge and wisdom all for themselves because they love imparting what they know. It has become a social responsibility to answer shopping questions for those willing to learn. So, if you find a smart shopper, you can get some mentoring right away.
8) Have a list of online shopping sites and stores to trust
Thanks to their persistence in exploring the market, smart shoppers already have a set list of online shopping sites and stores to trust. They know the right places to get the best items at the best deals. It takes a whole lot of shopping around on stores or on online shops to have a grasp of the go-to spots in shopping. If you came across one smart shopper, you are sure to end up buying an item at the right place. Trust them, they know.
Shopping can really be fun but expensive at the same time. Now that you have a guide on how to think like a smart shopper, you can start your way into that category by counting on the newest online shopping place, Marketplace by Pawnhero where your authentic pre-loved branded items meet bargain prices. Just visit the Pawnhero website and download the Pawnhero app to have all your shopping experience in your pocket. Shop smart!
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