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8 Professions that Surprisingly Pay Better than Your Regular 8-10 Job


The BPO industry is one of the major growth and job engines in the Philippines. BPO companies are also known to offer higher pay, among many other perks. For instance, a customer service representative working the graveyard shift in a contact center can earn more than, say, a manager in a local fast food. Moreover, most contact centers do not require a degree—as long as you have a good command of the English language, you can make the cut.
Working for a BPO company puts the bread on the table, but just like every job, it also has its share of setbacks. BPO employees operate in a stressful work environment, given that they service clients from timezones different from our own. More so, they are expected to deliver quality outputs amidst strict performance targets, heavy workloads, and tight rules and procedures.
A career in the BPO industry isn’t for everyone. If you’re someone who can’t handle stress or pressure gracefully, you might want to tread a different career path. PawnHero lists some ~*extraordinary*~ jobs that pay surprisingly well:
Eyebrow Shaver
If you are obsessed about eyebrows, you may find a career as an eyebrow shaver! With her business slowly going downhill, a former beauty salon owner decided to give up her studio and rent a stall at a night market. In this tiny kiosk, she started offering eyebrow-shaping services. This gets her about 50 customers on weekdays and about 80 on weekends. You can earn up to 1,500 per night from giving people eyebrows that are on fleek!
If you’re someone who enjoys watching blood-curling movies, you might enjoy a career as an embalmer. This job is not for the faint-hearted, but it does pay well. Embalmers earn up to 35,000 a month, as most funeral parlors pay PHP 800 per body. In a day, a licensed embalmer can prepare two to four bodies per day. Prepare yourself for some postmortem spasm here and there, but if it’s excitement (and good pay!) you’re after, this is the job for you.


The Cullens might never come to you for service, though. 

Freelance Makeup Artist
Put all those nights you have spent watching Michelle Phan tutorial videos to good use by offering makeup services. You can start by offering your services to the people in your neighborhood or on your Facebook friends list. Offer your services at a lower price at first, maybe 200-350 pesos per customer, then start taking courses to learn more techniques and improve your craft. Once you’re confident about your skills, you can start charging a higher fee.


Expand your repertoire by taking courses, or watching tutorials on YouTube. 

Tomb Groomer
A tomb groomer can earn up to 20,000 to 25,000 per month. Although the numbers may vary depending on the services you offer, your service fee, tip from the customers, and the season. Tomb groomers usually earn more during October and November, and a day of painting, cleaning and grass trimming can give you anywhere between 700-1,500 pesos.
Trash Collector
Here in the Philippines, trash collectors are looked down upon, but in New York City, trash collectors are rewarded generously by the government. The starting paycheck for an NYC trash collector amounts to $100,000 a year. You might want to consider to move out of the country to pursue a different career.
Jeepney Driver
A jeepney driver can earn up to 1, 260 pesos per day or roughly 30,000 per month. With the minimum fare at PHP 7, you can load up to 18 passengers per ride and have up to 10 rides per day. One has to note, however, that these numbers may vary depending on the traffic and the availability of passengers. You also need to deduct other expenses like gas, and if you don’t own the jeepney you’re driving, you also have to work for your boundary.
Barker or Dispatcher
Get this, by being a jeepney barker, you can make PHP 22,000-30,000 a month. A dispatcher can earn 5 to 10 pesos per jeepney, and according to one barker, he makes up to 100 pesos in an hour. You just have to know the stops with the most number of passengers, like outside malls, schools, or churches. If you come to think of it, a dispatcher can make more money than a driver, because it totally requires zero capital—you don’t need to gas up or pay for registration.
Crime Scene Cleaner
If you totally don’t have any qualms working in a gory set-up, this job is for you. Being a crime scene cleaner may require you to erase any trace of blood in the scene of the crime or to bury body parts in a forsaken place unknown to the authorities. We can’t guarantee the cops won’t go coming after you, but we’re positive you will never get bored on the job and that you may get filthy rich (no pun intended.) A crime scene cleaner’s average paycheck is $50,000.
If you’re tech savvy, you can rent a kiosk in a mall and offer mobile phone repair services. This job earns you 25,000 to 35,000 a month.  A basic defect can be fixed in less than an hour, and in 8 hours, you can repair a minimum of 3 gadgets, at PHP 800 per unit. You don’t need a diploma to score this job, but you have to at least have technical training from TESDA.
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