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8 Charitable Institutions For You To Lend A Helping Hand


They say it is better to give than to receive. There’s something really fulfilling after giving something with all your heart. Have you ever felt like doing something without asking anything in return? With all the blessings that has come pouring into your life, did it ever come knocking into your heart an urge of wanting to give back? If you say Yes, then it may be time for you to pay it forward.
To help you begin with your journey of lending out a helping hand, Pawnhero lists down 8 active charitable institutions that are seeking volunteers, donations and help for their causes.
What about: Hero stands for, “Help Educate and Rear Orphans.”  According to its website, about 900 children of Filipino soldiers are orphaned each year, and they need your support. Most of the soldiers are family bread-winners and having to put their lives at risk also puts the future of their families in uncertainty. Hero Foundation, Inc. is founded to ensure its financial support for the country’s military orphans, such as the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The support given comes in the form of stipends which covers the cost of books, uniform, meals transportation, school supplies, and sometimes, even their tuition fees.
Get involved: If you feel like helping out our soldiers through providing financial support for their orphaned families, you may go check their website www.herofoundation.com.ph for more details on how to donate.
2) CARA Welfare Philippines
What about: CARA means “Compassion and Responsibility for Animals.” This was formed in 2002 by a group of dedicated animal lovers whose mission is to foster the plight of animals in the Philippines. They promote compassion for animals, prevent animal cruelty and abuse, rescue homeless pets, provide responsible pet ownership, and educate animal welfare and rights to the public.
Get involved: If you are a self-proclaimed animal lover, then by all means CARA is encouraging you to be one of its members. You may volunteer, donate for the animals care, and even sign-up for their adoption program. Go check their facebook page and website for more information. Who knows, you might find a pet to adopt at the end of the day yourself.
3) World Vision Philippines
What about: World Vision is one of the world’s largest international children’s charity and one of most recognized charitable institutions in the Philippies which has been around for 56 years. World Vision is focused on one goal, to sustain the well-being of all children especially the most vulnerable. Their programs highlight on education with child protection, economic development, health and nutrition and disaster risk reduction.
Get involved: If you feel excitement to teach and help the out of school youth, then you may want to check World Vision’s campaigns. World Vision Philippines encourages donation, child sponsorship and volunteerism efforts from people like you and from its community. You can learn more by visiting its website. So, go see for yourself.
4) Habitat For Humanity
What about: The organization simply envisions a world where everyone has a decent place to live in. According to National  Housing Agency (2016) that 5.5 million Filipino families do not live in a decent home. That’s where Habitat for Humanity Philippines serves its purpose for providing Filipino families who are in need of decent homes. They aim to focus on shelter, advocate affordable housing, promote hope and dignity and promote community development.
Get involved: If you are into community development, Habitat For Humanity is open for donations, for joining in their volunteer programs and for partnering in their fundraising activities. You can understand more about your involvement by checking their website.
5) Haribon Foundation
What about: Haribon Foundation is committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and the foundation’s 40 years of scientific excellence and socio-economic research. Haribon is coined from the word Haring ibon or the Philippine Eagle because its existence is a perfect barometer of the state of the Philippine forests.  Their mission includes various projects on saving species, the conservation of sites and habitats, and encouraging sustainability in the environment.
Get involved: If you advocate for the conservation and protection of species and its natural habitat, then you can take action by donating, by tree planting and by becoming a Haribon affiliate as well. Learn how to start by checking their website. You may be the member they are looking for.
6) Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc.
What about: Hands On Manila foundation’s mission is based on the premise that everyone can serve. It is geared to mobilize people to address the critical social, educational and environmental needs of the country through volunteer action. HOM has two flagship programs, namely Servathon and Galing Mo Kid. Servathon makes volunteering accessible for different companies and organizations while Galing Mo Kid mentors high-achieving public school students in selected public schools where volunteers teach every Saturday.
Get involved: If you are interested to volunteer and teach, Hands On Manila have different programs that you can choose depending on your talents and skills. You may register to be a volunteer by visiting their website.
7) Books For A Cause
What about: Books For A Cause was founded by former banker, an entrepreneur and part-time filmmaker, Ramil E. Sumangil in 2011. BFAC advocates precious knowledge for every Filipino and gears towards the increase of literacy through conitnuous learning. To date, BFAC has served 150 schools, day care center and comminities around the country, including the establishment of so called 25 Munting Aklatan around the country.
Get Involved: If you think those old books needs to serve its purpose for learning, then might as well check out Books For A Cause’s drop off points through its website.
What about: U! Happy Events gives an exciting way of volunteerism. They provide sustainable support and teach values to marginalized children in the country. They provide a platform for sponsors and volunteers to reach out to the underpriveledged through creative and meaningful activities. U! Happy Events have done an average of more than 100 events per year. Talk about busy!
Get involved: If you are up to plan ideas in helping children, U! Happy Events  encourage you to volunteer your time to be a Big Sister or Brother, they want you to inspire by sharing your talents and skills, they ask you to pledge for donation and for goods, plus they allow you to create your own event with them through birthdays, company outreach and other celebrations. So, go check their website for more.
There you have it! By now, we hope you have chosen your charitable institution or you’re now eyeing a volunteer activity from the suggestions we’d made. You can proceed to be a hero of your own! Hooray! And if you really feel like wanting to spare some cash for donation but you want a bigger fund to support two or more charities, then Pawnhero will just do the trick. You can learn more by checking our website, following our social media accounts and downloading the Pawnhero app. So what are you waiting for? Start being a hero of your own.
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