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7 Sure Fire Ways You’re Doing The Holidays in “Tita” Fashion


Titas. Instead of just using the word to refer to our biological aunts, or our parents’ friends, or anyone else who we can’t address by their first name without being iffy, the word “Tita” is now also being understood in a different light more than to just literally being a middle-aged (or senior) woman who gets the finer things in life (read: bi-weekly mani/pedi sesh is a must or else the thought of ugly nails and dried skin will ruin your day; or call girl friends as “mars” colloquially shortened to replace “kumare”).
Today, Tita has now developed to become a household name to many Filipino women that all share the trait of being practical and pragmatic, all in a very lovable and unique sense appreciated by the people around them.
We’ve been hearing this term thrown around a lot of times even in the most ordinary activities like choosing to stay in and watch a nice movie or TV show by yourself instead of hitting the bar on a weeknight (unlike before, admirably, during your “youth”), or even choosing to drink cold pressed juice when most of your friends are downing alcohol at a party (well that could also be you just leading a healthy lifestyle, hats off!)
So how do you know if you’re doing the holidays like a bona fide Tita? Read on and find out and share that chuckle with your fellow amigas!
1. You buy gifts in bulk but add a personal touch to it!
#1 - bulk giftsYou believe that items like scented candles, handmade soaps, mugs, towels, bag hooks, or even picture frames are essential, so you make sure you get a dozen of it to give away this Christmas.
To make your friends feel more special though, you add something personal like have the recipient’s name printed or embroidered on the item, and of course meticulously pick out the items in different colors —
Susan will like this red pomegranate soap because she loves the bold color that mirrors her personality! Chary naman will love this green-tea infused scented candle kasi she loves green tea very much, like those KitKat bars she hoarded from Duty Free.
2. You already have your Noche Buena menu planned out
#2---noche-buenaAre we going Greek? Are we making paella? While others begin to contemplate what to have for Noche Buena, you on the other hand, have already laid out a Noche Buena menu for the family because you’re OC like that and well, you just love thematic dinners. And you’ve already made a list of who can bring what and have food assignments ready.
3. …And of course, you’re cooking a special dish!
#3---cookNothing says Tita more than creating your own special dish because you want to share your own recipe which is a good topic over dinner.
4. You’re a techie Tita with a Spotify list (including Christmas in Our Hearts)
22506119006_b6851d3ca3C’mon, we’ve got those friends who are game to sing verses from this song, and the other part where they playfully cringe as soon as it plays. They still love you anyway, just don’t play it too much like the defunct mall in Greenhills.
5. After Christmas shopping, you’ve got a spa session planned out
5---spaThe traffic got you down pretty bad with all the walking (and maybe stylishly bargaining) and you want a nice massage before you end the night. However, if you’re just really too tired to go out again, you’ve got your trust Salonpas pads and efficascent oil ready to restore you back to non-arthritis health. Chamomile tea optional.
6. You’ve got your trademark cookies and baked goods
6---cookiesPacked in a classic gold or red and green box with a pretty bow, you’ve got these giveaways ready for guests to try. Sometimes, this works as a great way to introduce your budding baking career, and when guests tell you they want more of it and offer to order from you. Of course, you’ll politely decline and instead offer to make more…initially.
Some Titas up their game by preparing homemade morcon or embotido.
7. You’ve got your crisp 20’s and 50’s ready!
#7---angpaoThinking that your godchildren will be in attendance to the party, you already went to the bank weeks earlier to get those crisp bills ready. Packed in a shiny red lai see envelope (or a funky colored envelope or slim Christmas card especially for money inserts) you are on your way to win the Best Tita Award (or rather, Ninang) for getting your beloved young’uns a practical gift, that is to make use of the money to get something they really, really want.
*This might also be a good excuse since you’re a bit out of touch about the latest gift ideas for their age group.
So whether you relate and fit the bill of becoming a Tita, one thing’s for sure: Being a Tita could mean you are always practical in whatever you do, and that you’ve got things planned and organized, so it’s not a bad thing after all. Now go on and finish that glass of wine (or Welch’s Sparkling Wine or Lemon-infused water you have right there), have a laugh and share with your fellow amigas.


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