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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus


Apple does it again! As expected, the yearly iPhone update has been announced and the next generation of iPhones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are ready to hit the market.
But don’t be blinded by the flashiness of the dual-camera system and don’t get splashed by the water-resistant feature! Before you jump into pre-ordering that iPhone, here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 7.
1. You just bought a new phone
If you just bought the latest “S” iteration of the iPhone within the last 6 months, maybe you should hold off until the next S iteration comes out. The specs on the new iPhone may be better in terms of battery life (12 hours) and is now water-resistant (finally!), but it does not warrant for an immediate upgrade because aside from these cool new features, the phone functions are pretty much the same.

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2. You don’t want adapters
The biggest buzz around the iPhone isn’t really about it’s water resistance nor is it the fact that the home button is no longer physically present. People are really talking about the headphone jack – or rather, it’s absence. Apple decided to ditch the traditional 3.5mm port and instead ship its phones with a lightning-to-3.5mm adapter for traditional wired earphones… or you know, you can throw more money into the Apple bank account and get the new AirPods they’re releasing in October.
The AirPods claim to maintain the great audio quality despite not having cords, but you can be the judge of that.

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3. You like to feel something physical
Just like the headphone jack, Apple has done away with the mechanical and physical home button on the iPhone 7. Instead, haptic feedback (which was introduced in the recent MacBook models) replace the physical sensation of pressing down on the button. There’s still the TouchID ring that’s been incorporated, and you’ll still see the home button on the phone; you just won’t be able to physically click it open since it’s all ~virtual~ and ~high-tech~.

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4.You’re more active than a typical human being
While the iPhone can now stand getting wet, it’s still not as sturdy as other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Note 7 and a couple of the Sony models out there. Safe to say, the resistance of the iPhone is welcome, but it’s really meant for the clumsy city dweller than the active adventure seeker. To be honest, it looks like dropping it because it slipped through your hands will cause a lot of damage already.

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5.You like to customize
If you’re someone who’s uber techy and loves to have unique phone apps or features, then maybe the iPhone isn’t for you (and it probably never was since its release in 2007). Apple is notorious for having cookie-cutter designs and user interfaces that can be customized minimally, even with the upcoming iOS 10 updated, unless you jailbreak your phone (which will definitely void your warranty). Open-source operating systems run on Android phones, aka any other phone but the iPhone, so it’s best to go with another brand.

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6. You don’t need the new model/new Apple phone
Maybe you’re still happy with your current iPhone or smartphone; maybe you don’t need that new dual-camera feature that has optical and digital zoom that can be found on the iPhone 7 Plus; maybe you’re just not into always getting the latest things. If you realize that you don’t need the new model, congratulations! You’re a fully aware and financially sound adult! Just kidding! However, sometimes, you just need your phone and its features for whatever it does, and if it still does it well, why change? Like the saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix – or in this case, upgrade – it.

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7. You don’t have money
Let’s face it – Apple is notorious for being one of the priciest phones in the market every time it comes out. This iteration is not any different. The lowest model of the iPhone 7 is at 32 gigabytes (Apple has decided to ditch the 16GB model and go for 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB — WHO NEEDS THAT MUCH SPACE?!), which enters the market at $649 + Tax (approximately Php 32,000 all-in). That’s around Php 1,000 per GB, and a good chunk of that will already go to iOS requirements. The most expensive model, the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus is retailing at $969 + Tax, which equates to roughly around Php 50,000 all-in. Owning the new model will definitely break the bank!
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But if you really need want the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, but can’t seem to find the money to buy it, you can consider pawning some of your items or even your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s with PawnHero! You’ll get a fair appraisal and will have the money to get that shiny new gadget before everyone else does! Best thing about pawning with PawnHero? Everything is absolutely free, and you can even get your items back as soon as you can repay it. Just visit the PawnHero Website to get going!


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