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7 Life-Hack Saving Tips We Can Learn From Mama


If we talk about basic financial management that you can learn from home, we bet there’s no other person who can teach the basics of it best than your mother. Well, how on earth would most dads (in case) trust most of the budgeting to our moms right? (No offense meant to dads but moms got it this time, hooray!)
Plus, there’s a petty good reason why it’s most moms who give your allowances and not dads (Guilty as charged, it’s safe to say you love dad more when it comes to allowances, L-O-L!).
Anyway, our working moms, single moms, full-time moms have money-handling wisdom that we can just learn from. So here are a few quick saving tips we can learn from our beloved mama.
1) Go Grocery shopping with a happy tummy.
Right, going to the groceries with an empty stomach is definitely a recipe for impulsive buying. Since you’re not in the right mind to buy what you really need, you’re hungry-driven brain is much more wired on buying what you want to eat. By the time you’d have a hearty meal, you’ll realize why you bought this food in the first place? So, if you want to buy what you need in your fridge or in your kitchen, stick to how your mama would do, don’t go to the groceries without keeping your tummy full and satisfied.
2) It’s okay to be kuripot.
The good thing about being kuripot is that you know your priorities, you have a financial responsibility to keep. So, if your friends would tease you for being “kuripot” at times, don’t take it personally. Be proud! You have a sense of control for your money. Anyway, take it from your mom. She knows kuripot, she does it not just for others, but also from herself. Imagine the mastery she has to control herself from her wants in order to focus more on budgeting for the needs of the household. Now, for those of you who are tagged as kuripot, you deserve a pat on your back.
3) Learn how to bargain for a discount.
There are places where they give seasonal discounts, but c’mon, it’s a real life skill when you know how to bargain for a discount yourself. And we’re talking about the best places to learn to do just that. Didn’t your mom ever show you how to bargain for a discount at the wet markets, night markets, sidewalk vendors, artisan malls, b-shopping malls and the like? If you’ve ever noticed, then great. Try to be street smart in handling your budget. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get with a good deal once you’ve mastered the charms of bargaining for discounts.
4) Don’t underestimate the freebies.
When almost everything is paid, freebies can be your thrifty best friend. When your mom asks to trade you those coupons and gift checks you got from Christmas bonuses for money, she’s doing it right. Take advantage of those and don’t be too chicken out to try them. Those freebies won’t last until forever, so don’t put them to waste, after all the best things in life are always free.
5) Unplug, unplug your appliances.
A super-duper simple reminder your mommy would always tell you. But really, as simple as it may sound, unplugging your appliances before leaving is not just a life-saver but a money-saver. Anything plugged with those metal teeth from the cord still attracts electricity even if you had switched off the appliances. Train yourself from doing this simple life-hack because eventually it will become a habit and even though it’s not as much, you’ll be happy for learning to save.
6) List, list, list, make lists.
Dad gives Mom the money, and mom writes down a list of her budget allocation for the family and the household, a common life scenario you can picture at home. So, having lists is really important. It just shows that you have set your priorities. This is a responsible way for allocating your money in the right places. This keeps you from ever straying into impulsive buying as well. Another way to make list is writing down the list of your expenses, so you would know where you spend your money. Then you’ll want to study your monthly expenses and cut off what needs to cut off in order for you to save more. So, the next time you have your paycheck, you know the drill.
7) Save for the rainy weather.
Always, it’s always important to have an emergency fund. A money set-aside only for use in dire times. One way to do this is to save a hundred daily, or depending on how much you would want to drop in your shell bank. Make it a routine to drop a hundred, more or less, everyday. The little things you do really matter, let it build-up just like how your momma would do to every small things. They matter.
These life-hack saving tips from mum may sound really simple and easy to do, but the challenge is that it takes discipline to be financially responsible. You can do that by following the life-hack saving tips mentioned above. You’ll soon say mothers know best indeed.
In any case you need extra cash and your savings may cut short for a budget, then like mommy who goes straight ahead at the pawnshop, you may download the Pawnhero app on your smartphones or visit the Pawnhero website for a much more convenient way of pawning. By doing this, you are saving time, energy and money as well. So, check us out!

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