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7 Cool Restaurants To Dine n’ View In The Philippines


What’s better than exploring new places and taking in every second of the experience with a camera? It’s going for a dine on the local food and its flavorful richness. Here are the top restaurants you can visit and have one fine meal:

7. 7th Heaven’s Cafe Banawe

Location: Banaue, Ifugao
Why you should visit:  You can have an overlooking view of the entire rice terraces while you savor your sumptuous meal in heaven. Enjoy the soothing ambience complemented by the wooden furniture as you pick from the menu – a delightful combination of Filipino and Western cuisine. Its Honey-coated Liempo and Father’s Curry are some of the top recommended dishes. 7th Heaven serves in generous proportions and if you plan to stop over this restaurant after taking a hike, it will guarantee to satisfy your post-hike hunger.

6. 100 Revolving Restaurant

Location: QC, Manila
Why you should visit: From the nature trip, we give you a stellar eyeshot of the city. 100 Revolving restaurant is primely located in Eastwood Libis, Q.C. and is managed by none other than Chef Jessie Sincioco, a veteran chef with over three decades of culinary expertise under her belt. The entire space provides ample lighting by day and gives a dazzling 360-degree view of the cityscape of Ortigas and Quezon City. Its shrimp curry and beef roulade, Balut Surprise, souffle and other desserts are a must try.You can take a taste of Chef Jessie’s delicacies on the 33rd floor (topmost) of the MDC Building.

5. Vieux Chalet

Location: Taktak Road, Antipolo
Why you should visit: It is one of Antipolo’s best kept secrets. Vieux Chalet is a house converted into a Swiss restaurant with a bed n’ breakfast atmosphere. Away from the hustles and bustles of the city, it leaves you with a homey dining experience. At evening, the city lights of Manila sparkle with the stars and leave you with a breathtaking dinner. The salads, pasta, and chicken are some of the top picks on the menu. An added tip: If you’d bring along a car, park at the plain side of the road entrance. Reservations are needed as the booking for the place gets full at times.

4. RSM Lutong Bahay

Location: Maharlika East, Tagaytay
Why you should visit: You can have the perfect view of the Taal Lake and its immenseness. There are cozy seats inside and then there are bamboo cottages near the view. To add up on the scenery, there is a group of musicians who can serenade you and your loved ones while you enjoy the restaurant’s fine dining. Its Bulalo and seafood dishes are the best picks from the menu. RSM Lutong Bahay serves Filipino cuisine and doesn’t miss a single detail on its relaxing atmosphere.

3. Vask Tapas Bar

Location: Taguig, Manila
Why you should visit: You can have the picturesque scene of the city skyline and a unique hybrid of traditional and modern dining right on your plate. What sets Vask apart from other restaurants in the city is its offer of the traditional tapa and the high-tech prepared cuisine which transforms your dishes into a piece crafted from the harmony of art and science. The restaurant utilizes Molecular Gastronomy on its culinary options. Its Tapa and dishes created with molecular gastronomy reigns supreme. You can find Vask on the 5th floor of the Clipp Center building corner of 11th Avenue and 39th Street.

2. Solana Bar at Shangri-la’s Boracay Resort

Location: Yapak, Boracay Island
Why you should visit: It opens just in time for a priceless dinner and panorama of sunset by the beach. The bar offers a free flowing Sangria, a wine beverage with a twist of chopped fruit, sweetener, and brandy for a certain period. Its seafood and drinks are raved on from online reviews. You can easily reach the bar by riding the free shuttle to Shangri-la.

1.Villa Escudero’s Wet Feet and Waterfalls Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Location: San Pablo City, Laguna
Why you should visit: It is a historical trip just a few hours away from Manila. Villa Escudero is a small forest in itself featuring its own waterfalls. Once you arrive, you are welcomed by staff in traditional Filipino clothing and ushered to the buffet lunch by the waterfalls. Its grilled food and seafoods are its specialty. Tip: You can prefer to wear shorts and slippers since the surroundings of the waterfalls are slippery. A whole day is recommended to explore the entire villa and enjoy other activities at the resort.
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