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7 Amazing Places You Can Stay While Travelling


Hotels are the customary go-to for any tourist destination. What if you can go cheaper and take on a more adventurous and fulfilling itinerary by combining your journey and take it with the place you’re staying in?
Here are 7 Amazing Places You Can Stay While Travelling:

7. Cruise

Why it is amazing: You can visit multiple destinations in one single ride. Cruise ships let you go from one tourist destination to another without having to commute and switch rooms every single time. All the amenities of a mini-city is present in an exclusive large boat at sea. Besides, what’s better than having an all-access pass to buffet, pool, and spa than adding an ever-shifting glorious view of the horizon from your balcony?

6. Farmstay

Why it is amazing: A farm lets you experience a new way of living life. Cutting off the internet for a few days for learning the ways of farm living such as milking a cow, gathering eggs, or even riding the carabao will leave you with a better appreciation of the produce you buy from the grocery. The serene ambiance of the entire ranch with low-hanging fruits from trees and cattle  aside from having meals fresh from the farm is a rewarding and rustic trip.

5. House – Sitting

Why it is amazing: You get to live for free in a house in your ideal location. House – sitting involves staying for free for a homeowner who’s out of town. It comes with a few quirks like taking care of some household pets, watering some plants, or getting the mail. It also involves protecting the house from break-ins by occupying it.

4. Monastery (Religious Housing)

Why it is amazing: It can be both your cultural trip and pilgrimage. Religious housings offer simple and low-cost rooms with the assurance you’ll have a tacit and purifying retreat. You can take a tour around the monastery and see the garden, historical masterpieces of sculptures and paintings, and perhaps a church with an architecture exuding the sublime. The best thing here is, you won’t even have to fall in line to have a hold of it.

3. Homestay

Why it is amazing: You will be learning and living the culture of the country faster than you would with going on tours. Being at a homestay means living with the host family and paying for it for a small fee while you’re on tour or studying in the country over a longer period. Homestays bring about an environment of cultural exchange between your country and theirs. You will be immersed in their language, food, and daily living and adapt to it at a quicker pace.

2. Wilderness

Why it is amazing: You’ll learn to survive and have a better perspective on life. Camping out in the wilderness isn’t just a test of the longest time you’ll be without your internet connection, it is also a test of being in touch with your natural self in the presence of flora and fauna. If you’d be staying in the wilderness with a camp leader for a week and learn some survival skills such as building a fire, finding water, or even keeping yourself from getting lost will always be an invaluable lesson to learn along the way. Who could ever decline a night of sleeping beneath the stars? The wild is simply astounding.

1. Couchsurfing

Why it is amazing: It is for free and you can build friendships along the way. Couchsurfing had been in existence since 2003 long before AirBnB had locals renting out their places to tourists. Couchsurfers get verified through the website and visiting people can use the couch or rooms of the host not to mention having a free exchange of local stories and food. The movement is empowered through the act of kindness and the concept of paying it forward. Can you believe that? Travelling can really get you to places and connections you’d never expect to have.
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