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6 Ways to Earn More Money Aside From Your Job


One way to achieve full financial freedom or to finally buy things on your wish list is to have multiple streams of income. Here are 6 ways you can earn more money aside from your regular job:

6 Ways to Earn More Money Aside From Your Job6. Tutor

Why do it: You’ll never run out of students to enlighten on your subject of expertise. Tutoring is paid by the hour and it would be enjoyable especially if you have great patience and passion on teaching. The feeling of being able to help people gain more knowledge and understanding might be a rewarding experience for you. This is also not restricted to academics. If you’re good at a certain sport, musical instrument, or skill, then you could offer training for it.
Tip: Credentials on your expertise and asking for referrals from your tutees can expand your profit on this side job.

6 Ways to Earn More Money Aside From Your Job5. Do Small Tasks

Why do it: It requires little from your qualifications and you can do it within a couple of hours over the weekend or on your free time. Small tasks such as handing out flyers or arranging some files are usually repetitive and won’t ask for as much attention as you would with your regular work. It also helps you maximize time on your free hours when you’d rather watch your favorite series.
Tip: People hiring for these tasks usually have other offers of similar jobs where you could jump in after. Ask if they have other offers.

6 Ways to Earn More Money Aside From Your Job4. Personalize shirts, bags, shoes, pillows, etc.

Why do it: If you’re the creative type and would like to gain something from what you do as a hobby, then offering to do a personalized item based on your customers preference is a highly-lucrative side job. You’ll have fun expressing your artistic vision on the object and earn money to boot.
Tip: Use your social media account (facebook, twitter, instagram) to post your artworks and offer your services. Who knows, you might even gain a fan base for it.

6 Ways to Earn More Money Aside From Your Job3. Bake food

Why do it: If you are a connoisseur and bake or cook food as your hobby then you could certainly share the wealth of aromatic and mouth-watering dishes and pastries you could make up from your choice of ingredients. If you have a unique signature dish/pastry, you can easily do it on batches or by orders.
Tip: Place your food in a visually attractive packaging and have it presented with your contact neatly tacked on it. It pays to show your skill in a way that draws people not only to the taste but also to their sight.

6 Ways to Earn More Money Aside From Your Job2. Rent your wifi

Why do it: You can pay your wifi bill with it. Wifi or wireless fidelity connection is almost a necessity for us in this age, and it requires nothing to offer it to other people. You can also do this in combination with the other side jobs you’re doing.
Tip: You could monitor the gadgets using your wifi  and how much of the bandwidth they’re consuming by listing their MAC addresses. Change the wifi password every so often after people have used it. Check out our other tips on securing your wifi.

6 Ways to Earn More Money Aside From Your Job1. Pawn/Sell your items

Why do it: It pays much while your items are just lying around the house. Things such as mobile phones, gadgets, household appliances, general equipment, cameras, Apple products, musical instruments, luxury shoes, eyewear, watches, and handbags aside from the usual jewelries, diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals can now be pawned within a single click.
Tip: Clean, upgrade, or repair your items for a higher appraisal value.