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6 Best Headphones For Your Eargasm


Have you ever found yourself on your way to work and unable to keep out the traffic noises with your background music?  Or had the frustration of losing focus when you’re “in the zone” when studying or crunching papers? Having a loud volume for your headphones just won’t cut it.
Here are top headphones that will surely give you the richness of the rhythm and crisp lines of music for your eargasm:

6 Best Headphones For Your Eargasm6. Sony MDR-1RNC

Price: PHP 17, 470
Review:  Sony’s MDR-1RNC gives rich bass and crisp highs. It comes with a USB charging cable and are extremely gentle on the ears. Offering effective noise cancellation, this headphone is good on-the-go. It is one level higher to its Sony MDR-1R counterpart.

6 Best Headphones For Your Eargasm5. Sennheiser RS 220

Price: PHP 17, 300
Review: It has a wide and open sound. This Sennheiser model packs a long battery life with advanced DSSS lossless wireless technology. Your tracks will surely be delivered with Sennheiser’s sound clarity. It’s over-ear headphones covers your ears and isolates the noise from the outside world.

6 Best Headphones For Your Eargasm4. Beats Studio Wireless

Price: PHP 15,600
Review: The most famous among the bunch, the Beats’ Studio Wireless over-ear headphone packs light and can go for 12 hours in one run. With Bluetooth technology, it can reach up to a 30’ distance. Its recognizable beats logo printed on its cans are smoothly marked along with its over-all sleek design.

6 Best Headphones For Your Eargasm3. AKG K545

Price:  PHP 14,500
Review: Although not a famous brand in the mainstream league, AKG is expansive on its sound and robust on its build.  It is fairly cheap and has a light packaging for high-quality headphones. It is warm on its bass and plays music and vocals with great detail.

6 Best Headphones For Your Eargasm2. Philips M1BT

Price: PHP 14, 300
Review: The M1BT is bass-heavy and powerful on its loudness. It can go for 2 – 3 days and can also be used with a 1.2 meter cable if you don’t feel like going wireless. Soft cushions pads are well-placed for blanketing over your ears for hours. Philip has definitely made one of the best bluetooth headphones in the world.

6 Best Headphones For Your Eargasm1. Bose QC 25

Price: PHP 13, 450
Review: Bose’s QuietComfort 25 collapsible and lightweight design is what sets it apart from the competitors aside from its lower price. Bose is known for being the traveller’s headphones and can easily be spotted at any airport lounge. It can run for 30 hours on a single AAA rechargeable battery and can work after its long over. Once you put it on, it can isolate the noise of your environment and immerse you with your personal soundtrack.
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