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5 Hugot Feels For The New iPhone Launch


“Things come and go…. Just like your love life (Ouch, sorry)”


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Feels, feels, feels. Who says it’s easy to let go? With everything new, even your relationship with your iPhone grows old…fast, just like how your ex moves on… fast! (Yes, we still wish you well, even though it hurts like hell)
You have been too strong for too long, like literally! You’ve waited for too long, now you can cry, cry because the new iPhone is out!!! -or cry me a river because you just can’t take it in anymore, and you need to do is let it all out! (Hush, hush)
In celebration for your martyrdom, here are 5 hugot feels on today’s iPhone 7 launch, because like John Green said “Pain demands to be felt!” (Boohoo)
1) Buti pa ang iPhone nagmamahal (At Least for the iPhone, it still gets dearer)
Inflation and demand are to blame guys, that’s why prices are steep. Just like how we blame him/her for not loving us more than we love them. Leaving us to accept the truth than to demand for more. This unrequited love is hard to deal with! So, with everything increasing, just like your admiration for him/her, you must learn to save. Save money and learn to budget to prepare yourself for the rainy weather, or save some dignity and respect for yourself. The right person will come along.

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2) Para kang iPhone, mabilis magbago (You’re like an iPhone, you change so fast)
Change is constant, and so are trends. It feels like yesterday when the first iPhone was out, 2007! Oh, how old do we feel! And every year, a new one comes out. A better one! Just like the last time you were with your first love, was it years already? And every year since, you still stalk or think (Admit it!)  about your first love. You see them changing every year, improving, and oh how you dread to one day talk to him/her, and relive those good ole days. (Sigh)

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3) Buti pa ang iPhone laging may update, e tayo? (At Least the iPhone always gets an update, how about us?)
Everything needs to be updated and upgraded once in awhile. From gadgets to businesses and its services, everything is always developing. It gets better from the mistakes they encountered, and from the experience they learn from. Just like you, when your ex dumped you, what you need is the biggest comeback you deserve. “A bigger, braver and bolder you!”

“This is Laida Magtalas Version 2.0.” 


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4) Buti pa ang iPhone afford ko, e ang puso mo? (At Least for the iPhone, I can afford it, how about your heart?)
Setting your financial goal is important. Laying out the things you want to achieve and the money needed to achieve your goals. That’s a great start to be financially wise. But there will come a time that you feel like “You gave it your all, but it is never enough”. Just like how you give all your heart for your love interest and you can cross oceans and hurdle a summit to show the extent of your love, but it is not enough. Your efforts are not enough to compensate your desires and you need to give it a break; reflect, revamp, and restart. Just like how crazy head over heels you are for that person, you sometimes need a reality check before you lose yourself.

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5) Buti pa ang iPhone willing paggastusan, e ako? (At Least you are more than willing to spend for the iPhone, how about me?)
It is really best to know when to splurge. Your money should buy something worth it.
Just like love, you must know when to bet your chances on that person. Like the latest iPhone, you know you want to get your hands of the latest apple technology! Then go, you know it’s worth every peso. Reward yourself at times. But don’t overspend all your savings just yet, because eventually, the price will depreciate. So watch out your priorities! Don’t be poor to look rich (Mas mabuti pang walang iPhone, kaysa walang ipon). Like in love, be with someone that’s worth your time, effort and affection to keep you from saying “All of me and yet I’m not your priority”.

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Hope you had enough hugot to walk you down that memory lane. But guys, don’t set yourself into the blue feeling, because the latest iPhone is out! (screams like a little girl)
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How do you feel about the latest iPhone? Share it on the comments section below.


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