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4 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


For a holiday centered on love, it sure can pile much of stress on couples across the country. Much of that has to do with the inflated prices on flowers, the crowding in every good restaurant in the metro, and the traffic along all the major thoroughfares. PawnHero, the first online pawnshop in the Philippines, looks at four alternative ideas to the standard wine and dine, chocolates and teddy bears.

1. Netflix & Chill

For all the bad representation this term gets, it’s actually a pretty solid idea. Think about it, if you’re the type of couple that enjoys following popular serials like Daredevil or Arrow, why not make a night of it snuggled together with your favorite snacks? With Netflix finally in the Philippines, and at affordable rates too, this is actually a very economically viable way to spend this holiday. You also get to do it in as comfortable a pair of get-ups as you both can rustle up. This is perfect for couples that are already comfortable with each other and genuinely just want to enjoy one another’s company. It sure beats splurging on a Philip Patek, yes?

2. Reaching Out to Care

A lot of single people take the time on Valentine’s to decry their state of singlehood and… aloneness. But there are people out there who actually are genuinely alone and abandoned. Instead of complaining to the many other single friends you have—therefore proving you are not, in fact, truly alone—why not reach out to the abandoned elderly? Anawim, located in Rizal, is one such place that houses these people in need of genuine love. The organizers of Anawim welcome all comers and even allow for in-depth interaction with their charges. This is perfectly eye-opening for singles and couples (why ever not?) this Valentine’s Day.

3. The Parental Double Date

Parents, right? We look up to them, have depended on them, and love/hate them—but we often forget they’re human too and the very first couple we ever interact with. You’ve celebrated many monthsaries together already, why not buck the trend and throw them a celebration? It doesn’t have to be too big a thing too. Making them dinner and planting a few candles on a table is already very sweet. For those with single parents, taking them out to dinner is not just a touching gesture but one that sends a great precedent for your own future relationship.

4. Move On!

This one is for the broken hearted among us. If you’ve acquired a collection of valuable stuff from your formerly-really-significant-but-no-longer other, it might just be a good idea to monetize that. Especially if that Louis Vitton he gave you just brings tears to your eyes every time you look at it. You can go for a quick and easy estimate at PawnHero.ph. We offer the highest appraisal value for your items, allowing you to get the most cash back. So what do you use that cash for? Splurge on yourself! Upgrade that gadget you’ve been holding on to to save up for those dates when you were in a relationship.

PawnHero is YOUR Hero

If you do need quick cash for this Valentine’s Day or any other day, for that matter, we’re the people to go for. PawnHero is the first online pawnshop in the Philippines. We offer a convenient and easy way to get your item appraised. Just fill out our online form. You get a pre-appraisal in minutes. We also offer one of the highest appraisal values against a steady and low 2.99 percent interest rate. Our loans run up to 12 months and you can easily extend if you need more time—with no hidden costs to fear.
Check out PawnHero.ph for more information.
Do you have plans for this Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it! We’d be happy to hear about them.


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