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21 Eye-Opening Images To Make You Realize What We’ve Done to the Environment


They say a picture paints a thousand words. Here are 21 powerful images of animals that can make you pause and contemplate the way we handle our non-biodegradable wastes.

  1. This albatross that ingested far too much plastic.

humanimpact9Plastic is NOT part of the food pyramid, even for animals. Why, then, are we feeding our wildlife with microplastics?

  1. The baby dolphin that was dragged out of the water and passed around for selfies (it died.)

Who can forget the time the selfie craze entered a new low? This young, endangered dolphin was pulled out from the sea and passed around by beachgoers to take selfies with the poor thing.

  1. This rabbit that is being used to test cosmetic products.

This is just one of the many rabbits in laboratories all over the world. Researchers drip chemicals into their eyes bare skin to test cosmetics and other products.

  1. A young fur seal choked by a rope.

seal in ropeA discarded rope was found wrapped around this young innocent fur seal.

  1. This bear cub that got stuck in a plastic jar.

Bear Cub JarheadFor a little over a week, this poor bear cub had his head caught in a plastic jar before the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found him and rescued him.

  1. This duck in a six-pack.

6_pack_duck_270x224This is why we should always snip apart six-pack rings before disposing them properly.

  1. These tortoises trapped in plastic.

environmental-problems-pollution-35__880 environmental-problems-pollution-41__880It caused them grow disproportionately.

  1. This seal that was strangled to almost death in its own habitat.

BSSP-Oceans-041__880This poor seal appears to have struggled its way out of a discarded wire, causing the line to cut into its neck. By the looks of it, though, its efforts were in vain.

  1. This gray whale trapped in a plastic net.

Bycatch-Gray-Whale-Caught-in-NetMarine animals die an untimely, painful death as a result of becoming entangled in abandoned fishing equipment.

  1. This sad koala that lost its home.

environmental-problems-pollution-45__880Imagine how it’s like if one day you wake up to discover that your home disappeared together with your entire family. That must be how this confused koala felt after losing its home as a result of tree felling in New South Wales, Australia.

  1. This turtle that accidentally ate a plastic bag.

sea_turtle_plasticApproximately eight in ten ocean turtles die from eating plastic trash.

  1. This bird drenched in oil spill.

environmental-problems-pollution__880A notorious oil rig explosion caused 200 million gallons of slick to spill over the Gulf of Mexico, killing thousands of animals.

  1. This seal trapped in abandoned fishing equipment.

Trapped-seal-via-Flickr-and-tedxgp2A collection of waste trapped this poor seal, which may eventually cause it to starve or drown.

  1. This razorbill penguin killed by balloons.

bdf3100000000000This razorbill penguin was found on the shore lifeless, as it became entangled in balloons and other waste.

  1. This stork trapped in plastic

environmental-problems-pollution-36__880In an attempt to find food, this stork ended up in a landfill site, only to be trapped in a non-biodegradable bag.

  1. A tiny hedgehog stuck in a four-pack.

Hedgehog-in-plasticTrash pose far more perils for smaller creatures, as they can get trapped in cups and plastic bags easily.

  1. This seal with a deadly taste for fashion.

seal_in_net_270x224Yes, those are nets and fishing wire around his neck. But no, it was not of his liking. Nets and wires that have been disposed improperly found their way to the poor seal’s neck.

  1. Penguins covered in oil.

environmental-problems-pollution-44__880 (1)When a cargo ship sank near Cape Town in South Africa in 2000, many marine animals were affected. These African penguins are just a couple of a group of 19,000.

  1. This seagull stuck in a plastic ring.

Gull-trapped-in-plasticA 2015 study revealed that 395 animal species had, at some point, eaten or become tangled in trash.

  1. This deer that collected trash with its antlers.

Deer-entrapped-in-rubbishDeers have antlers to help them win battles, but in this deer apparently used its horns to collect trash.

  1. This seal that got its nose that jammed in a tin.

environmental-problems-pollution-38__880A victim in its natural habitat, this seal won’t be able to eat unless the tin is removed from its nose.

  1. This sicklefin mobula trapped by rope.

9dd3100000000000A nylon rope off captures this sicklefin mobula off the coast of Portugal.

These images show that any kind of animal—from hedgehogs to manta rays, can fall prey to discarded plastic trash. Because single-use items can take up to a millennium to decay, animals that ingest, or become ensnared in these wastes may become deformed, ill, or worse, they may die.

The Earth is our habitat—it is where we get food to nourish our bodies with, as it is the habitat and food source of so many other life forms. We only have one earth, and if we don’t care for our planet, time will come when all the resources will perish, leaving nothing for the generations to come.

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