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16 Love Lessons We Have Learned from Our Favorite 90s Cartoons


In the 90s, we didn’t have iPads to keep us occupied. The only thing that kept us busy on Saturday afternoons and prevented us from getting all cranky during schooldays were our old, tube-type TV sets.

In the 90s, we have yet to know the backpack-laden young lass with the shapeless bangs. Back then, we had Mary (and her Secret Garden,) Judy Abbot, Remi, Heidi, Cedie, Julio at Julia, Romeo, and of course, Princess Sarah and Tom Sawyer. We knew the lyrics to these cartoons’ theme songs by heart. We remember how we ugly-cried when Patrash died, or when Sarah first felt the throes of turning from princess to pauper.

But when memes that featured the cartoons that starred in our fondest childhood recollections started making rounds online, we began thinking our entire childhood was a lie. Why, our wholesome childhood heroes began talking about love! Fret not, they are still the same old characters we find dear. Like you, they had just felt the pang of adulthood. PawnHero lists 16 love lessons you could learn from Tom, Sarah, and the gang:

1. That ampalaya is more than just a veggie.

2. That forever can take other forms.
Sarah Prinsesa Forever

3. That self-love is more important.
princess sarah 2

4. That sometimes, it’s career>love life.

5. That sometimes, things fall apart so they could fall together.


6. That there is always something that will anchor us.

7. That too much of anything is bad.
huck meme

8. That when we’re in love, we do things we don’t really mean.

9. That someone out there will always see you in a different light.
bebe ko

10. That forgetting isn’t always easy, but we can’t say the same about finding someone else.

11. That in a relationship, misunderstandings are normal, but they don’t define anything.
tom sawyer memes

12. That when we feel jittery-nervous, it’s not always because we’ve had too much caffeine.

14. That when you really love a person, one chance is enough.

15. That sometimes, when we hold on to something, it’s when we’re likely to lose them.
princess sarah3

16. That love, real love, waits.

tomsawyer banat

17. That there is this one person who will always, always have your heart.
tom sawyer banat2

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