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15 Items You Never Thought You Can Pawn


Do you always suffer from receiving late paychecks? Are your house bills, phone bills, credit card payments, and other important expenses starting to pile up, resulting in paying for the penalty charges due to failure to meet its due date?
If you find yourself caught up in these situations, then you should definitely consider pawning your valuable items to meet your short-term cash needs. With 72% of Filipinos who’ve tried to pawn before, there are no reasons not to try it as well. Also, considering that 80% of Filipinos don’t have a bank account, applying for a loan may not be an ideal option, especially when immediate cash is greatly needed due to its processes.
At PawnHero, you’ll get to encounter a different pawnshop experience, as they accept a wide range of items that usual pawnshops don’t. They also allow you to pawn your items right at the comfort of your home by simply taking picture of the item using the camera of your smartphone.
While jewelry, electronic devices, and appliances, among others, are the typical items that people pawn, there are a lot more that you never thought are accepted! Here’s a list of the top 15 items that customers were able to pawn at PawnHero.

1. Antique Daggers

Antique Daggers
Antique daggers are one of the favorites of vintage collectors. Some of these are even family heirlooms, which gives their sentimental value.
A set of antique oriental daggers, with a piece having an ivory handle, another with a bronze carved handle, and one with a glass handle can give you as much as PHP 30,000.

2. Interactive Gaming Chair

Interactive Gaming Chair (1)
Gamers can attest to how extraordinary this chair is. Having speakers, a built-in audio system, and its foam-backed upholstery that can double as storage plugs into any game system, this interactive gaming chair can amount to PHP 5,000.

3. Wooden Horse Head

Wooden Horse Head
A 16-inch sculptured wooden horse head/face from Italy can give you PHP 15,000.

4. Rimowa Luggage

Rimowa Luggage
One of the leading manufacturers of premium luggage bags in Europe, a topas multi-wheel Rimowa luggage with dimensions 22 x 17.7 x 9.8 inch can amount to PHP 12,000.

5. Stylo Plume Diabolo De Cartier Composite Noir (Fountain Pen Cartier)

Stylo Plume Diabolo De Cartier Composite Noir (Fountain Pen Cartier)
A platinum pen that comes with an original bottle of ink along with its box, the Fountain Pen Cartier can reach up to PHP 9,000 when pawned.

6. 1990 Cartier Malamaison Eyeglass

1990 Cartier Malamaison Eyeglass
The 1990 Malamaison Cartier eyeglass made in France, with a Cartier Burgundy leather pouch, 18kt frame, and honey brown lenses can result in PHP 30,000 instant cash.

7. Sarimanok Sculpture in Brass and Wood

Sarimanok Sculpture in Brass and Wood
Sarimanok comes from the totem bird called the “Itotoro” of the Maranao people originating from Mindanao. It is the legendary bird and ubiquitous symbol represented by a fowl with colorful wings, feathered tail, and holds a fish on its beak or talons. This has become a symbol of good fortune and is used by a Sulu-born Philippine National Artist, Abdulmari Asia Imao, as an inspiration for his artworks.
If pawned, it can reach an amount of more than PHP 200,000.

8. Atmos Jaeger-LeCoultre Classique Gold

Atmos Jaeger Le Coultre Classique Gold Clockwork
A clockwork, housed in a gold-plated cabinet from the late 80’s to the early 90’s with an estimated amount $3,500 at the time can be pawned today at PHP 20,000.

9. Garmin GPS 60Cx Map

Garmin GPS 60XMap
This limited edition, high sensitivity GPS receiver that’s perfect for outdoor use can give an appraisal rate of PHP 15,000.

10. Bvlgari Lead Crystal Ashtray

Bulgari Lead Crystal Ashtray
Made by one of leaders in porcelain design and production today, Rosenthal’s Bvlgari Lead Crystal Ashtray weighs approximately 2 pounds with 4.75” in diameters at top, 3.75” diameters at the bottom, and 1.25” tall was pawned at PHP 4,000.

11. Lead Crystal Ashtrays

Lead Crystal Ashtrays
Antique European ashtrays with a crystal sun design, a blooming sunflower design, and a vivid diamond criss cross cut design, this customer got PHP 2,500.

12. Orchestra Violin

Orchestra Violin
Composed of Eastman PM Meridiem – 4/4 Student Outfit, K Holtz FG Fiberglass Bass Bow- German Frog, and an Original Kun Violin Shoulder Rest can give you an instant PHP 10,000.

13. Japanese Harp

Japanese Harp
The Japanese harp, recognized as the country’s national instrument is a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument that’s about 180 centimeters in length and made from kiri wood. If you decide to pawn this item, you’ll be receiving an estimated amount of PHP 2,500.

14. Gustave Villaume a French Violin

Gustave Villaume French Violin
A French Violin by Gustave Eugene Villaume, has a transparent oil varnish in a bright golden yellow hue, with a clear, open, and rich overtones. PawnHero would give an estimated amount of PHP 80,000 for this item.

15. Blue Noritake Set with Gold Plating

Blue Noritake Set with Gold Plating
This plating set, with a vintage floral design and gold plating was appraised at PHP 3,000.
Were you surprised with the items included in the list? As mentioned, there are a lot of things around your house, waiting to be pawned at your trusty pawnshops to assist in all your finance-related concerns.
So, what are you waiting for? Get a free loan offer for your valuables at PawnHero.ph and rest assured that your items will get the best appraisal rates and are stored safe and fully insured during the duration of the loan


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