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10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime


Based on the five languages of love by Gary Chapman, there are five ways of expressing and experiencing love: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. Gifts are usually misunderstood as a sign of materialism, letting people steer away from enjoying the experience of giving and receiving.

Great Valentine’s gifts for your loved one

There are many ways of giving gifts and saving enough money for an expensive one has its advantages, both for the giver and the receiver.
For the giver, the thoughtfulness that couldn’t be returned in any other form and the value of a gift that has the quality to outlast and represent years of celebrating Valentine’s holds ground on the timelessness  and enduring value of love.
For the receiver, the visible and tangible expression of love on one’s hands and knowing that it would last for more than a few years of use magnifies appreciation and gratitude.
Here are gifts for your love you could depend on having both a highly personal and economic value:

For Her

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime10. Hermes Birkin Bag

Price range: P500,000 – P4,000,000+
Why buy it: The Hermes Birkin had been in existence since 1984, a handmade bag made from a variety of hides. It is named after the actress Jane Birkin, having a black supple leather design for its first edition. There is a long waiting list for this bag and only 70,000 of it are made each year.

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime9. Gucci Shoes

Price range: P20,000 – P320,000+
Why buy it: Aside from being one of the top leading fashion brands in the world, Gucci brings in quality for the buck. For its classic style, you could have both comfort and quality that will last you for decades.

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime8. Salvatorre Ferragamo Shoes

Price range: P16,000 – P80,000+
Why buy it: Shoes have been the brand’s passion. For almost a century, Salvatorre Ferragamo’s legacy of designer shoes lives on along with its designs which are fashionable at any season you purchase it.

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime7. Gold ring

Price range: P15,000 – P100,000+
Why buy it: Gold is a precious metal. Nothing expresses sincerity better than a ring made out of a material rarely bursting forth from the earth’s mantle to the earth’s crust by a passionate volcanic activity. Simply say, “My precious.”

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime6. Diamond necklace

Price range: P30,000 – P12,000,000+
Why buy it: Diamonds last an eternity. It’s value depends on the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity.

For Him

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime5. Alienware Laptop

Price range: P80,000 – P320,000
Why buy it: It’s GG. Alienware produces the best gaming laptops in the world.

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime4. PS4

Price range:  P25,000 – P64,000 (20th Anniversary Edition)
Why buy it: Compared to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 leads the way on the variety of games it could offer not to mention its accessible Play Station Network (PSN).

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime3. Iphone 6/6 Plus

Price range: P33,000 – P55,000
Why buy it: With its solid aluminum build, retina display, and camera quality, you can’t find any other smartphone with the best over-all feature for both build and UI/UX (user interface/user design).

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime2. Tag Heuer Watch

Price range: P25,000 – P800,000
Why buy it: Tag Heuer has an excellent heritage on watchmaking since 1860. You could never go wrong on this exquisite timepiece that’s tough and sleek on both form and function.

10 Valentine's Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime1. Canon 5D Mark III

Price range: P50,000 – P250,000
Why buy it: This high-end DSLR camera captures memories on the best quality and setting you could modify to your preference. What is the worth of having pictures taken with clarity and depth? Priceless.
It’s always good to invest on something you’d end up using for years. If you don’t have any significant other to give any of these things to, it’s never wrong to treat yourself for a classic piece or an immeasurable entertaining experience you could share with your friends. Whatever you pick from the list, it’s always the expression of  your love that counts.