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10 Smart-saving Ways 20 Somethings Must Do


Most 20 somethings are still trying to figure things out in their life, and if you think you’re alone, you’re not. The 20’s is a time for exploring your goals, be it personal goals, spiritual goals, life goals and of course financial goals.
The 20 somethings today had a much more YOLO running through their spirit. They don’t settle down as early as our parents did, but still, everyone’s different. So, if you’re the 20 something who has priorities laid out for his/her life or the 20 something making ends meet, we round up 10 smart-saving ways that you must do to somehow help your way to reach your goals.
1) Bet your way on public transportation.
Take that commuting lifestyle. The commute may be uncomfortable, hassle, and long but as a 20 something starting out in life, that car can wait. You don’t want to think of paying for your gas and the maintenance that comes with it, tho that makes you financially responsible. However, imagine the money you can save for yourself. Plus, the public transportation has its life lesson perks as well. If you’re tired of the public transportation, you can also try for carpooling. There are apps out there that cater to such.
2) Cook! Cook! Cook!
Because we live in a fast-paced lifestyle, most 20 somethings would rather go out to dine or opt for food take outs for dinner. Plus, the temptation to try so many different restaurants is the downside of having to keep up with everything, but really, it’s a matter of balancing your life and having financial discipline. Being a 20 something, learning to cook is important and has a lot of benefits for it. This cuts your spending time for fast foods, this gives you a new skill in life, and this makes you a lot more responsible. The next time you go out for groceries, you won’t just fill that cart with snacks now, you’ll be having a list of ingredients for you to cook. Yippee!
3) Save for the first few months.
The first paycheck makes a 20 something excited to buy what he/she wants. Doing that the first time treats your brain eventually asking for more. But that’s the pitfall for excitement, impulsive buying. If you want to get what you want but you also want to get out of impulsive buying, we suggest you must first give a timeframe to save enough money for everything to avoid spending way above your means, let’s say the first 3 months. You’ll thank yourself after.
4) Take advantage of birthday promos.
For a 20 something earning his/her income, it’s now the best time to get into the buffet you’ve always been planning to. But wait, you can get more for less during your birthdays. Now that you are responsible enough, you can plan this out earlier. You can check online for such promos and see to it you get the best deals on your birthday. Lovely!
5) Put your social media to good use.
Do you have talent for art, for photography, for calligraphy, for blogging and other skills that you feel passionate about? Well, as a 20 something, you understand the power social media can give. You can make good use if you want a sideline for a freelance job. This is a good platform to sell yourself.
6) Learn to say no.
It is not rude to say no to hang-outs most of the time. You don’t have to always say yes, you can’t always say yes. There are times that you need to keep yourself from always having to go out spending and spending. You can just do that sometimes, you need the break you deserve after all. But at this phase of your life, you must learn when to say no and when to say yes. Priorities, priorities.
7) Ask yourself, “Do I need this?”
For a 20 something, you know you’ll feel like you deserve to buy that dress, or shoes since you’ve earned the money yourself, but this is a matter of control. Have you seen the 2009 movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? If so, then good. If no, then take what Rebecca Bloomwood has to do before even buying out her desires. Use her mantra, hold the object, take a deep breath and ask yourself “Do I need this?” That clears your mind and gives you a wise decision at the end.
8) Go for those friendly treats.
Friends are there for a reason, to keep you sane, to support you, and sometimes to cover the expenses just to have your presence around, haha! Aside from friends, there are really those friendly treats, so don’t be too coy about it, say yes. It’s not every day you get to have these blessings.
9) Read, ask and learn.
With available readings across the internet, as a 20 something, the convenience of technology brings you the library at the comfort of your home or wherever there’s access to the internet. You can just be as financially literate from reading articles like what you read right now at Pawnhero website. Also, it’s always a good thing to be curious, ask people who know better. If you want to learn about starting a business, jumping from employee to entrepreneur, investments, and other stuffs that concerns your financial goals, asking the right people can help you start.
10) Download the Pawnhero app.
Being in a tech-savvy age, everything seems to be just a finger tap away. You are exposed to various apps that offer services like cab services, pick-up services and so much more and Pawnhero is just that, now at the tip of your fingertips. That being said, there’s so much more to Pawnhero than just covering your expenses by getting a loan with available items from your home. Pawnhero can also be a haven for your online shopping. We give you the best deals for really cool items up for the grab. So, what are you waiting for, download this cool app or check us out at the Pawnhero website to learn more.

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