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10 Legit Ways Pinoys Can Do to Make Money from Home


With a stable job comes a steady source of income. And while having a regular job and doing freelancing projects are considered as excellent money-making opportunities, there are still a lot more activities we, Filipinos, can do to earn even at home.
However, don’t assume that you’ll be making the same amount you receive with your full-time job from these sidelines—unless you take on many jobs simultaneously.
1. Teach English Online


Aside from the language, Filipinos are also knowledgeable and fluent in English. If you’re confident with your written and verbal communication skills, consider this as another career opportunity since it comes with a great pay. If you know another language besides English, the better!
2. Answer Paid Surveys


Companies use paid surveys to their market research. It’s somehow similar to a focus group where discussions can be about a particular product, campaign, or an advertisement to name a few.
By just answering various surveys online, you’re able to make money quickly and help the company as well.
3. Partner With Online Shopping Portals


If you have a blog, you can make money by partnering with online shopping portals that accept publishers. Upon their approval, their ads/products will be displayed on your site, and when someone buys from them through the link from your site, you’ll earn money!
4. Sell Your Old Stuff Online


If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your old clothes, bags, or shoes that won’t fit anymore, or want to get rid of other stuff that you don’t use anymore or don’t even remember having, you can sell all of them online!
Take advantage of the Internet by posting it on your different social media accounts or signing up on buy and sell websites.
5. Online Pawning


Pawnshops have been of assistance in obtaining money, especially for urgent financial concerns. Since online pawning through PawnHero has become available in the country, everyone can easily pawn their valuables such as jewelry and gadgets online to meet their short-term cash necessities.
6. Property Rental


If you have a rest house that you rarely visit or a condominium unit that you don’t use, have it rented out instead. Just as how selling your stuff is relatively an easy one, there are numerous sites that you can post ads for your properties too.
Don’t forget to include pictures of the property, along with your contact details for a smooth and easy transaction. Be honest with your restrictions too such as no bringing of pets to ensure that your property will be taken good care of.
7. Gadget Rental


Aside from property rental, gadget rental is also a good way to earn money without necessarily selling your things. Cameras and other shooting equipment, for instance, are excellent properties that you can have rented out by other professionals.
Same with the procedure on property rental, just post pictures of your item and contact details to negotiate properly your rates.
8. Turn Your Hobbies into Cash


If you’re into cooking, baking, or any craft-related stuff, why not turn these hobbies into cash? Again, you may post and sell your products online or ask your family and friends for referrals. You’ll certainly enjoy this job and not feel any pressure at all.
9. Home-Based Customer Service Representative


As business process outsourcing (BPO) companies continue to grow, so does the need for manpower. Inquire with various BPOs if they accept home-based customer service representatives. However, you should make sure that you have a landline, a computer, a high-speed Internet access, and a quiet place to work.
10. Virtual Assistant


If you have had an experience with being an administrative assistant or manager, you’re fit to become a virtual assistant (VA). The tasks required to be fulfilled by a VA is given by phone, email, or instant message. Further, all these be done remotely through the use of one’s own computer, specific software provided by the company, phone, and of course, a stable Internet connection.
Why stick to the traditional ways of making money if you have these options? The next time you need extra income, keep in mind these tips and choose the best ones that fit your skills and schedule so that you’re on your way to becoming financially stable.


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