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10 Clever Tips to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays


The moment Jose Mari Chan takes over the speakers at shopping malls, you just know it’s Christmas time in the Philippines. Despite the heat and humidity in this tropical country, the air feel just a tad crisper, the people merrier, and oh boy, the prices of holiday gifts seem higher. Yikes!
Since Filipinos love Christmas time, they tend to splurge during the holidays. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to earn that extra cash for your holiday shopping madness so you won’t have to be galante now, pulubi later.
1. Set up a garage sale.
Filipinos love to keep stuff with sentimental value even when it becomes obsolete. We just love to hoard! If you have a lot of pre-loved items that are still in good working condition, sell them to generate extra cash instead of watching them collect dust in your storage.
2. Do overtime work.
This is the fastest way to earn extra dough especially for office girls and boys. If you’re a freelancer, accept more projects. Don’t forget to take your multivitamins every day! Overtime holiday madness starts in October, and it can be extra stressful.

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3. Work on side projects.

Turn your passions into an income-generating venture. Love photography? Offer your professional services and do the photo coverage of your friend’s party. Enjoy writing? Apply for freelance writing jobs. The best thing here is that you can do this even after the holiday rush.
4. Set up a pop-up shop.
Love baking? Bake a batch of cookies and sell some of your packaged creations during lunch at your work area. Try getting advanced orders for the holidays. The list of homemade products you can sell is limitless—from handmade, organic soaps to baked cooks, and even hand-painted, personalized mugs!
5. Pawn pre-loved items online.
If you’re short on cash and in need of fast money, pawn pre-loved items such as smartphones and jewelry at PawnHero—the first online pawn shop in Southeast Asia. Online pawning is a new way to earn extra dough when you need it. It’s fast, convenient, and ensures that your personal pawned items are safe and secure. There’s no need to sell it, you can simply pawn it!
6. Take online surveys.
It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn extra money. Plus, it does not take much of your time. Check out companies that pay people to take online surveys for them like AIP Online Surveys and Paid Surveys At Home.
7. Break the piggy!
If you’ve started putting those coins in a piggy bank earlier this year, it’s time to break it. Your P20/day savings for sure has added up!
8. Make your own coffee.
If you have an unhealthy and expensive designer coffee habit, bring your own coffee to work for a week. You’ll be surprised how much you can save. Do that for a month or longer, and see the difference.
9. Get crafty.
Homemade, personalized gifts are super chic. If you have the time and skills, try making homemade gifts this year. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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10. Rent your space.
If you have an extra room in your place, consider renting it out via Airbnb. Not only will you make extra cash, but you get to meet awesome people too! If you happen to rent it out to holidaying tourists, offer to take them around the city for an additional cost.
Follow these simple and doable tips, and make the holidays truly the most wonderful time of the year by not going bankrupt.


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