Upgrading to iOS 9? Watch Out for Error 53!


Apple has always been known for the top-notch quality of all its products. That’s why its resale or appraisal value is often very high. Coupled with a consistent, regular schedule of releases, they also sport long lifecycles. It’s really little wonder why people not only eagerly anticipate the releases of their newest models, but iterations of their iOS operating system as well. iOS 9 is the latest outing and it featured enough upgrades (both visual and functional) to get iPhone owners excited. Now, no new release is without its problems, for sure, but the recent reports of Error 53 occurrences has gotten many owners frustrated and flustered. PawnHero takes a quick look at what Error 53 is and how you can avoid it. What is Error 53? It’s hard to trace the very start of this whole series of problems, but an article from The Guardian seems to be the most popular documentation. The article follows Antonio Olmos, a correspondent on-assignment in the Balkans. He had dropped his … [Read more...]